Neha Oberoi

Real Name: Neha Oberoi

Genres: Actress

Birthday: 15 September, 1985

Birthcity: Mumbai

Created: 03.06.2014


Spouse: Vishal Shah (2010–present)

First film: Balu ABCDEFG

Last movie:

She has appeared in the Bollywood films EMI & Woodstock Villa. She is currently shooting for an untitled film with Imran Khan.Her foray into films started with the Telugu blockbuster Balu ABCDEFG and was followed by a role in one of the short films in Dus Kahaniyaan. Her role in Woodstock Villa won her much critical acclaim, yet the film failed to perform at the Box office.Neha is a member of International Film And Television Club of Asian Academy Of Film & Television, Noida.

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Neha Oberoi filmography:

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