Nikita Anand

Real Name: Nikita Anand

Genres: Model, Actress

Birthday: 3 June, 1983

Birthcity: Punjab, India

Created: 03.06.2014



First film: The Curse of King Tut's Tomb

Last movie:

Nikita was born to a Punjabi family in Jalandhar, Punjab. Her father is Brigadier S.S. Anand, a doctor in the Indian Army; his frequent transfers led to Nikita studying in different schools (St. Mary's Pune, Maharashtra; Bishop Westcott Girls' School, Ranchi, Jharkhand; Cathedral and John Connon, Mumbai; and NIFT, Delhi). She also has a brother, Jasneet Anand, who is three years elder to her.

Nikita Anand photos

Nikita Anand filmography:

Movies Role
Four Two Ka One (2012) Pooja

coming soon

  1. Dhoom 4
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