Urvashi Chaudhary

Real Name: Urvashi Chaudhary

Genres: Actress,MOdel

Birthday: 27 January, 1986

Birthcity: Jammu & Kashmir

Created: 19.03.2013



First film: Trump Card

Last movie:

“I don’t feel sad at all when I fail, because failure is part of being success. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, why should that make me sad?” Urvashi Chaudhary

Urvashi Chaudhary born on 27 January 1986 is an Indian actress, Super Model and Brand Ambassador of Bhojpuri Dabangg CCL 3.

Urvashi was born in the scenic province of Jammu & Kashmir. She belongs to a progressive nuclear family. She is the eldest of three siblings and she has a younger brother and a sister. She began her modeling career just after she completed her tenth examinations. She completed her schooling from Chandigarh from where she had her first brush with modeling.

After modeling for a while she moved on to television commercials. Films were the next logical move and keeping up with the trend she stepped into Bhojpuri cinema. She had an extremely successful stint and won allocates for her performances. She then progressed and stepped into Bollywood. She tasted fame with her film Trump Card where she essayed the main lead.Wikipedia

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Urvashi Chaudhary filmography:

Movies Role

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  1. Dhoom 4
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