Kavita Kaushik

Real Name: Kavita Kaushik

Genres: model, actress

Birthday: 15 February, 1981

Birthcity: New Delhi , India

Created: 02.10.2013

Height: 1.78 m


First film: Ek Hasina Thi

Last movie:

Kaushik was born in a middle-class family from New Delhi. Before getting into acting Kaushik used to do modeling, hosting events and anchoring during her college days. In 2001 she appeared in auditions in the capital city for Kutumb and moved to Mumbai.

After her work in the soap opera, Kutumb, audiences saw Kavita Kaushik in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii in the role of Manyata. Then she portrayed the character of Naina, the wife of Rahul Wadhwa in the afternoon daily `Kumkum`, then a `tapori` girl who comes into the life of trio Nitin, Raghu and Akki after the exit of Ram from this show. In another popular `Remix` she portrays a lawyer who wants to marry Sumeet Ahuja. She appeared in a brief role in the serial called Tumhari Disha. She was too seen in the popular C.I.D. as Sub-inspector Anushka.

She plays the role of a police sub-inspector in the Iman Chowki and has a central role in solving the cases. She is known for her manly nature and bossy attitude towards her colleagues. She always keeps her subordinates in check and puts all her efforts in solving the cases. She always ends up solving the whole case herself. She has a knick of solving all cases by her ownself. She left the show after 886 episodes. It was showed that she was promoted and tranferred to Sholapur. This role got her fame and she won many accolands making her one of the leading ladies of Indian Television. As of 8 July 2013 she is again back in the role of sub-inspector Chandramukhi Chautala.

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Kavita Kaushik filmography:

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  1. Dhoom 4
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