What is bollywoodjalwa?

Its a open platform created by people to share their views and an experience of the things they love. Here everyone can post their reviews.
And thats why we say, reviews by the people for the people.

Issue with the BollywoodJALWA data

The Data on this bollywoodjalwa is created by the registered members or Guest and managed by the local admins.
If you wish to discuss about any posted content, please contact at admin@bollywoodjalwa.com

Problem with another user?

BollywoodJALWA is a community of reviewers where each and every person needs to work together with others for it to be successful. While working together conflicts can sometimes arise - and the best way to solve them is to have an open and respectful conversation on your wall about the issue.
If that does not help than you can email at support@bollywoodjalwa.com

I want to offer some feedback

Feedback is always welcome, We would love to hear it! Please provide your thoughts and details at admin@bollywoodjalwa.com

I think I found a bug

Please email full details of the issue you are seeing so we can investigate it further.
(1) Your Username
(2) Screenshot
(3) Browser you are using
(4) Any other details which you think are useful
at admin@bollywoodjalwa.com

I see a broken or inappropriate page

We are sorry that you are seeing a broken page.
please copy that link and email us at admin@bollywoodjalwa.com

Can't access my account

We are sorry to hear that you are not able to access you account.
Please checkout this list
(1)Password is case sensitive.
(2)Is your browser up-to-date?
(3)Lost your password? request a new password

Delete my account

We are sad to see you go, for further details contact at admin@bollywoodjalwa.com

Rename my account

Once you login into your account select Profile from navigation menu and click on "edit".

My account is banned

Account blocks are usually set by the local admins. And the reason should be on the block notice you received.
However If you believe it is some error contact at admin@bollywoodjalwa.com
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