Bandh Darwaza (1990)


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Duration: 145


Release date: 1 June 1990


Director: Tulsi Ramsay

Writers: Shyam Ramsay

Box office:


Music Composer:

Unable to conceive, Thakurain Lajjo enlists the help of her maid, Mahua, and approaches a demon named Nevla, who assures her that she will indeed give birth but if its a daughter, then she must surrender her to him, to which she agrees. Shortly thereafter, she gives birth to a daughter, Kamya, but refuses to surrender it. Mahua poisons her, abducts Kamya, and takes her to Nevla, but Thakur Pratap Singh intervenes just in time, banishes the former to a coffin in a cavern, and rescues his daughter. 18 years later, Kamya herself will be compelled to approach and resurrect Nevla in order to win the love of Kumar - who she is obsessed with - and will do anything to make him hers forever.

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Star As
 Hashmat Khan... Kumar
 Manjeet Kullar... Sapna
 Kunika... Kamya P. Singh
 Satish Kaul... Anand
 Anita Sareen... Bhanu - Anands wife
 Anirudh Agarwal... Nevla
 Aruna Irani... Mahua
 Raza Murad... Nevlas devotee
 Vijayendra Ghatge... Thakur Pratap Singh

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