Krantiveer (1994)


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Duration: 159 minutes

Genre: Action, Drama

Release date: 22 July 1994


Director: Mehul Kumar


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Music Composer:

Lack-lustred and alcoholic Pratap Narayan Tilak is given a rude awakening when he meets with journalist Megha Dixit, and decides to instill some sense of justice and fair play within his community, and get them to assertively defend their rights and freedom. He is met with strong resistance, both from within his very own community, the police, and some very powerful and influential politicians. Unable to bear the injustice, and frustrated at his community to act proactively, Pratap decides to take the law into his own hands, resulting in chaos, violence, and uncertainty for everyone, and a path to his own grave.

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Star As
 Dimple Kapadia... Megha Dixit
 Nana Patekar... Pratap Narayan Tilak
 Atul Agnihotri... Atul
 Mamta Kulkarni... Mamta
 Farida Jalal... Mrs. Tilak
 Paresh Rawal... Laxmidas Dhayal
 Tinnu Anand... Yograj
 Mushtaq Khan... Babbanrao Deshmukh
 Ishrat Ali... Chandrasen Azad
 Danny Denzongpa... Chatursingh Chita
 Shafi Inamdar... TV Interviewer
 Girish Malik... 
 Mahesh Anand... Vaisiram
 Sujit Kumar... Police Commissioner
 Ram Mohan... Vishnu Narayan Tilak
 Vikas Anand... Hukum Ali Javed
 Janardhan Parab... 
 Ghanshyam Nayak... 
 Viju Khote... Dr. Vishwanath
 Babbanlal Yadav... Gyanchand/Babban
 Raj Dutt... 
 Asha Sharma... Mrs. Dixit
 K.K. Raj... 
 Zubair Khan... 
 Arun Mathur... 

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