Suhaag (1994)


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Duration: 162 minutes

Genre: Crime, Drama

Release date: 20 October 1994


Director: Sandesh Kohli

Writers: Honey Irani

Box office:

Producer: Balraj Irani

Music Composer: Anand-Milind

Collegian Ajay Sharma was born on 2nd April 1968 and lives in Bombay with his widowed mom, Asha. He is friendly with fellow-collegian, the wealthy Raj Sinha, and both often end up getting beat-up by goons and Madhu (Rajs girlfriend) respectively. After they graduate from college, Rajs maternal uncle asks Ajay to bring his birth certificate so that he could make his passport and find work for him in a department store in Canada. Ajay goes home to look for his birth certificate, but is unable to locate. His mother makes a show of helping him, but instead tears a document and tosses it outside. Ajay puts the document together and finds out that his real name is Ajay Malhotra, his father, Dr. Ravi Malhotra, is still alive, serving a life sentence in prison for killing and stealing a patients organs. Ajay questions his mother and finds out that his dad was framed by the hospital owner, Rai Bahadur. He and Asha meet Ravi in prison and swear to avenge his humiliation.

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Star As
 Ajay Devgn... Ajay R. Sharma / Ajay R. Malhotra
 Akshay Kumar... Raj Sinha
 Karisma Kapoor... Pooja
 Nagma... Madhu
 Aruna Irani... Asha R. Sharma / Asha R. Malhotra
 Dalip Tahil... Dr. Sinha
 Tiku Talsania... Publisher
 Romesh Sharma... Dr. Ravi Malhotra
 Adi Irani... Dr. Jagdish
 Suresh Oberoi... Rai Bahadur
 Gufi Paintal... Rajs maternal uncle
 Jack Gaud... Rahi Bahadurs Henchman
 Brij Gopal... Goon
 Suresh Bhagwat... Constable
 Ghanshyam Rohera... Dhania
 Devendra Pandit... 
 Sunil Dhawan... 
 Master Atit... 
 Mahesh Gupta... 
 Vishal Khanna... 

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