Vijaypath (1994)


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Duration: 163 min

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Release date: 5 August 1994


Director: Farogh Siddique

Writers: Talat Rekhi

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The family of Justice Saxena is extremely happy until his younger brother Inspector Rajesh Saxena (Suresh Oberoi) arrests a notorious gangster, Bhawani Singh. Justice Saxena sentences Bhawani Singh to death. Bhawani Singhs brother, Dilawar Singh (Danny Denzongpa), vows to avenge his brother and he kills the judge as well as his driver Shanker. Dilawar Singh also tries to kill their sons. Driver Shankers son, Karan (Ajay Devgan) loses his eyesight while saving Justice Saxenas son Babloo. Justice Saxenas wife, the two children and Rajesh Saxena leave the city. Dilawar Singh finds them and kills the Judges wife and throws Babloo out of the running train. Before dying, Babloo donates his eyes to Karan. Karan vows that he will not remove his goggles till he confronts Dilawar Singh.

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Star As
 Ajay Devgn... Karan
 Tabu... Mohini "Mona"
 Suresh Oberoi... Inspector Rajesh Saxena
 Reema Lagoo... Mrs. Saxena
 Gulshan Grover... Shakti B. Singh
 Danny Denzongpa... Dilawar Ujagar Singh
 Vikas Anand... Judge Saxena
 Aparajita... Mohinis Mom

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