Na Tum Jaano Na Hum (2002)


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Duration: 151 minutes

Genre: Drama

Release date: 10 May 2002

Slogan: Sometimes you just leave it to God...

Director: Arjun Sablok


Box office:

Producer: Vivek Singhania

Music Composer:

Romantic Esha calls up FM Radios DJ Bingo to discover the identity of a man who had called all through his program. While Bingo struggles to identify him, the man, Rahul Sharma, does contact again, and a conference is arranged. Esha does not arrive, but instead decides to correspond with him using a post box numbered handle without disclosing her title, to which Rahul agrees, arranges for a numbered postal handle himself, and does not disclose his identity as well. Rahul features a friend, Akshaye, who is a womanizer, whose mother asks Rahul to check out a bride for her son. Rahul goes to check on this dude, Esha Malhotra, finds her appropriate, and soon marriage preparations are underway. Rahuls love for the as yet not known girl is going to be destroyed after he realizes that she's none besides Esha.

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Star As
 Saif Ali Khan... Akshay Kapoor
 Hrithik Roshan... Rahul Sharma
 Esha Deol... Esha Malhotra
 Alok Nath... Mr. Malhotra
 Smita Jaykar... Akshays Mom
 Anang Desai... Akshays Dad
 Omung Kumar... DJ Bingo
 Rati Agnihotri... Maya
 Moushami Chatterjee... Mrs. Malhotra
 Abana Deol... Eshas Best Friend
 Preeti Jhangiani... Special Appearance

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