Footpath (2003)


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Duration: 160 minutes

Genre: Crime

Release date: 15 August 2003


Director: Vikram Bhatt


Box office:


Music Composer:

Footpath is a Hindi crime thriller film directed by Vikram Bhatt and released in 2003. The film stars Aftab Shivdasani, Rahul Dev, Bipasha Basu and marked the debut of Emraan Hashmi. The film failed to do well at the box office. This film is inspired by the Hollywood flick State of Grace.
Arjun Singh (Aftab Shivdasani) and the Srivastav brothers, Raghu (Emraan Hashmi) and Shekhar (Rahul Dev), are neighbors in a gangster-prone area in Bombay. When Arjuns union leader father is killed, the brothers urge him to avenge his death. They get a sword and find the killers - and kill them. Arjun is the prime suspect in this homicide and the brothers get him to run to Delhi, where he begins a new life as a Real Estate Agent, Mohan Kumar Sharma

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Star As
 Aftab Shivdasani... Arjun Singh
 Bipasha Basu... Sanjana Srivastav
 Rahul Dev... Shekhar Srivastav
 Emraan Hashmi... Raghu Srivastav

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