Jism (2003)


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Genre: romance

Release date: 1 January 2003


Director: Amit Saxena


Box office:

Producer: Pooja Bhatt

Music Composer:

Kabir Lal is an alcoholic lawyer whose life is looking as though heading down the drain. One morning he considers a stunningly attractive girl on a beach and is immediately enamored by her. By opportunity he considers her again in a restaurant and offers to purchase her a drink. In the process he learns that her name is Sonia and she's married. Struggling to withstand, he asks her whether she'd show him her home. It marks the start of a passionate event, during which Kabir is told that Sonias husband neglects her. But Sonia can not leave him because she can not help himself without her husbands money. Sonia implies kill and Kabir, blind with lust, agrees. They have the ability to destroy Sonias husband and make it look like an accident, however Kabir reaches see Sonias different part: she no longer could be the passionate partner as before, but is just a cool-headed mean girl now who wont let go of her wealth at any cost.

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Star As
 John Abraham...  Kabir Lal
 Bipasha Basu...  Sonia Khanna
 Gulshan Grover...  Rohit Khanna
 Ranvir Shorey...  Vishal
 Anahita Uberoi...  Priyanka Kapoor /Rohit's sister
 Harsh Vasisht... the Time bomb-maker
 Vinay Pathak...  DCP Siddharth

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