Paap (2004)


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Genre: Thriller

Release date: 30 January 2004


Director: Pooja Bhatt


Box office:

Producer: Sujit Kumar Singh

Music Composer:

The story is about a young girl, Kaya (Udita Goswami) , living in the beautifully serene valley of Spiti, waiting to join a Buddhist monastery, an idea which has been fed to her all her life by her father (Mohan Agashe) and one which she has never questioned. When Lama Norbu, a senior lama from the monastery has a dream that the Buddhist teacher, the Rinpoche has been reborn as a young child, he sends Kaya to Delhi on a mission to bring him back to the monastery.

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Star As
 John Abraham... Shiven
 Udita Goswami... Kaya
 Mohan Agashe... Kayas Father / Dr. Mohan Agashe
 Gulshan Grover... A.C.P. Raj Mehra
 Sandeep Mehta... unknown
 Denzil Smith... unknown
 Anahita Oberoi... Anahita Uberoi
 Ahsan Baksh... Zakir
 Bikramjeet Kanwarpal... Ratan Singh
 Anupam Shyam... Junior Police Officer- Manali

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