Main Meri Patni Aur Woh (1990)


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Genre: Comedy

Release date: 1 October 2005

Slogan: Love comes in all sizes

Director: Chandan Arora


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Lucknow based Mithilesh Shukla, is a regular, nondescript sort of a guy, who has washed his hands off marriage, until his nagging mom and her concerned brother get him to see Veena as a prospective bride. Veena is beautiful, cultured, educated and pretty much everything Mithilesh wants. She is also leggy, a good 6" taller than our hero. This doesnt concern him too much, until he overhears people talk and laugh at his relative lack of stature/looks. Everyday situations, such as driving a scooter, with a tall wife towering from the back-seat, or a fawning doodh-wala (milk-man) delivering milk, become a nagging headache for the insecure Mithilesh. More problems crop up when Veenas good college friend, the TALL, worldly, smart Akash moves into the flat next door, and jealousy consumes Mithilesh, leading him into a quagmire of problems, which threaten to rip apart his life.

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Star As
 Rajpal Yadav... Mithilesh Chhotey Babu Shukla
 Rituparna Sengupta... Veena Tiwari / Veena M. Shukla
 Vinod Nagpal... Advocate Kishorilal Mishra
 Varun Badola... Saleem
 Kay Kay Menon... Akash

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