Zindaggi Rocks (2006)


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Genre: Drama

Release date: 6 October 2006

Slogan: Its Yours ZINDAGI

Director: Tanuja Chandra


Box office:

Producer: Anuradha Prasad

Music Composer:

Dr. Suraj Rihan meets Kriya, a favorite artist in his hospital. While he is a quiet, responsible person, she's loud, kiddish and only a little crazy. Kriya invites Suraj to meet her household, which include her mother, who is really rigid and her parents double brother, who is fun and giggly. Kriya comes with an adopted child, who is really mature for his age. Kriya and Suraj drop in love with one another and their new emotions are tested with a crisis that enters both their lives. Kriyas child is in a crucial state as he features a opening in his heart and they are unable to locate a donor until the date of the operation. This makes Kriya spend a medication induced suicide and her heart is then used to save lots of her son.

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Star As
 Sushmita Sen... Kriya Sengupta
 Shiney Ahuja... Dr. Suraj Rihan
 Julian Burkhardt... Dhruv Ruby Sengupta
 Ravi Gossain... Sam
 Gargi Patel... Surajs Mother-In-Law
 Moushami Chatterjee... Indrani Sengupta
 Moushami Chatterjee... Mohini Bannerjee
 Seema Biswas... DCP Gazala Qadri
 Kim Sharma... Joy

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