Chak De India! (2007)


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Duration: 153

Genre: Drama, Sports

Release date: 10 August 2007


Director: Shimit Amin

Writers: Jaideep Sahni

Box office:

Producer: Yash Chopra

Music Composer:

Chak De! India follows a group of rag-tag girls with their particular agenda who type Staff India competing for international celebrity in area hockey. Their instructor, the ex males Indian National group chief, returns from a living of pity after being unjustly accused of fit correcting in his last match. Can he give girls the inspiration necessary to get, while coping with the shadows of their own previous?

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Star As
 Shahrukh Khan... Kabir Khan
 Anaitha Nair... Aliya Bose
 Tanya Abrol... Balbir Kaur
 Shilpa Shukla... Bindia Naik
 Arya Menon... Gul Iqbal
 Shubhi Mehta... Gunjun Lakhani
 Chitrashi Rawat... Komal Chautala
 Kimi Laldawla... Mary Ralte
 Masochon V. Zimik... Molly Zimik
 Sandia Furtado... Nethra Reddy
 Nichola Sequeira... Nichola Sequeira
 Sagarika Ghatge... Preeti Sabarwal
 Kimberly Miranda... Rachna Prasad
 Seema Azmi... Rani Dispotta
 Raynia Mascerhanas... Raynia Fernandes
 Nisha Nair... Soimoi Kerketa
 Vidya Malvade... Vidya Sharma

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