Risk (2007)


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Duration: 155 minutes

Genre: Action

Release date: 18 January 2007

Slogan: Ek crore meh laitha hai RISK!

Director: Vishram Sawant


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"Ek crore meh laitha hai RISK! ".Chance! is really a film about a police inspector called Suryakanth who vows to clean up the Mumbai underworld. The police have been trying for 11 decades to arrest the greatest wear of the underworld, Khalid Container Jamal. But Khalid isnt in Mumbai. He is surviving in Bangkok, free from the Mumbai police. Suryakanth begins killing Khalids guys in Mumbai. That alerts Khalid and he entraps Suryakanth in a poor scheme. Just how much risk is Suryakanth prepared to get in order to catch Khalid? View Chance! and discover out.

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Star As
 Vinod Khanna... Khalid Bin Jamal
 Randeep Hooda... Suryakanth Surya Samtham
 Tanushree Dutta... Shradha

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