The Train (2007)


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Duration: 134

Genre: Action

Release date: 7 June 2007

Slogan: Some lines should never be crossed...

Director: Raksha Mistry


Box office:


Music Composer:

Vishal Dixit leads an ordinary life with his wife and daughter but his once idyllic marriage is crumbling. When he meets a beautiful married woman en route to work on the train, it sparks a torrid adulterous affair. Vishal soon finds that an unidentified enemy knows his secret -- and is determined to destroy his life. Can Vishal find a solution, or will he pay the price for his passion?

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Star As
 Emraan Hashmi... Vishal Dixit
 Geeta Basra... Roma Ram Kapoor / Richa Malhotra
 Rajat Bedi... Special Investigating Officer Asif Ahmed Khan
 Anant Mahadevan(Sudhir... as Ananth Mahadevan)

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