Dabangg 2 (2012)


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Genre: Action

Release date: 21 December 2012


Director: Arbaaz Khan

Writers: Dilip Shukla

Box office:

Producer: Arbaaz Khan

Music Composer: Sajid-Wajid

The story carries on from the preceding movie, and Inspector Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) is moved to Kanpur where he is in charge of the localized police position. He moves with his wife Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha), brother Makkhi (Arbaaz Khan) and stepfather (Vinod Khanna). In Kanpur, an assassin killings a observer who was about to testify against an feared don. Chulbul pathways the assassin down and kills him in a fight at a localizedized cafe. It turns out that the don is Bachcha (Prakash Raj), a labouring political leader endeavouring to get elected into the localized government. After some public altercations, Bachcha's male sibling Genda (Deepak Dobriyal) convinces him to get rid of Pandey. Genda intimidates Chulbul's stepfather and states if Chulbul does not stop hindering with Bachcha's lawless person activities, he will murder his entire family.

Genda then harasses a young female who is about to get wed. Chulbul reaches at her wedding, and politely notifies Genda to depart. Genda responds viciously, and Chulbul breaks his neck, premier to his death. Bachcha finds out and pledges to avenge the death of his male sibling. Chulbul then finds out that Rajjo is with child. Everyone suggests him to leave Baccha solely and believe about his family, therefore Chulbul gets life insurance. Bachcha cannot pardon Pandey for killing his male sibling and ignores the election to get revenge. He interrogates Rajjo and Makkhi. Makkhi is shot by Bachcha and Rajjo is shoved off the temple steps. However both of them survives with Rajjo having a miscarriage.

Chulbul is enraged on the decrease of his first progeny. He goes into Bachcha's location and murders all of his men. He endeavours to arrest Bachcha, but when Bachcha endeavours to tease him, he kills him instantly. With the help of other agents, Chulbul closes down Bachcha's document. The movie ends on a joyous note, with Chulbul and Rajjo having their first child.Wikipedia

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Worth it to watch. PANDEY JI ne to kamal hi kar diya hai ..:)

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Star As
 Salman Khan... Chulbul Pandey
 Sonakshi Sinha... Rajjo Pandey
 Arbaaz Khan... Makhanchand 'Makhi' Pandey
 Vinod Khanna... Prajapati Pandey
 Prakash Raj... Bachcha Bhaiya
 Deepak Dobriyal... Chunni
 Sourav Ganguly... Daddu Singh
 Sandeepa Dhar... Anjali
 Malaika Arora Khan... Special Appearance in song "Pandey Ji"
 Kareena Kapoor... Special Appearance in song "Fevicol Se"
 Sanjay Dutt... Special Appearance in song Dabangg Reloaded
Hims Patel
My rating:

Worth it to watch. PANDEY JI ne to kamal hi kar diya hai ..:)

Bachha Singh: Eske Antim Sanskaar ki taiyaari karo, Hum Bhagwan ko Thank you bolke aate hai!
Chulbul Pandey: Etne Dharmik aadmi ko to Bhagwan ke pass pahuchana banta hai.

SP Mathur: Bhai tum to aate hi khabar ban gaye saher ki, Bahoot achhi baat hai.
Chulbul Pandey: Dhanyavad Sir!
SP Mathur: Haazmola?
Chulbul Pandey: No Sir.
SP Mathur: Arre Hazme ke liye achhi hoti hai aur chatpati bhi hoti hai me to din bhar me bottle uda deta hu
Chulbul Pandey: Aur usse hazam kar ne ke liye?
SP Mathur: Ek aur bottle.

Chulbul Pandey: Utna hi maaro jeetna ki tum khud bardast kar sako.

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