Roadside Romeo (2008)


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Duration: 93 min

Genre: Animation

Release date: 24 October 2008


Director: Jugal Hansraj

Writers: Jugal Hansraj

Box office:

Producer: Aditya Chopra

Music Composer: Salim-Sulaiman

Romeo is a dog who when lived in magnificent surroundings. 1 day his owners opt to move to London and he is remaining at the whim of the servant of the home, who dumps him on the street. Left to fend for herself, he is shortly cornered by the local bunch — Pro, Interval, Hero British and a dog-wannabe-cat, Mini, who inform him that that is their domain. Romeo doesn't know the street lingo and are at a reduction for words in the beginning, but he manages to get the bunch around with the idea of setting up a business. Together, they put up a fruitful dog-grooming company until Chhainu (voiced by Sanjai Mishra), the right-hand of gangster-dog Charlie Anna (Javed Jaffrey), occurs to get "hafta" (weekly protection money) in the proper execution of bones. Romeo kicks Chhainu out, and the others, scared, head to Charlie to plead their case. Charlie threatens them together with his group of ninja dogs, whom he calls his Angels, but Romeo tips Charlie into letting his friends to keep unhurt. Romeo then matches Laila, who is performing from a roof, they dance and he comes in love. To get her around, Laila tells Romeo he must dance with her before everybody else at the "Moonlight Membership" wherever she performs. Romeo says yes, unaware that Charlie has long needed her, and anyone who dares get near her is punished. Nevertheless, Romeo braves the odds and dances with Laila to get her heart. As enjoy plants between the 2, Charlie, in a fit of rage, catches and terrorizes Romeo. Romeo then claims he will make Laila fall deeply in love with Charlie. Romeo doesn't intend to lose Laila, but options to deflate Charlie's vanity by having a hidden Mini imagine to be Laila and make it clear she's not interested. This just ultimately ends up exacerbating Charlie's ire, requiring Romeo to assurance him a second ending up in Laila. The nights the appointment, but, Chhainu draws Romeo getting Laila, who then shouts at Romeo showing Laila of Romeo's deal with Charlie and angrily says she never desires to see him again. Charlie's Angels are then wooed by Pro, Interval and Hero British, and Charlie is chased and caught by the town pet catchers. But prior to Charlie is caught with a net, Romeo forces him under the dog-catchers vehicle to flee while Romeo goes, Charlie then convinces Pro, Hero British, Interval and Mini to make a diversion to have the defend from the vehicle, they succeed and Charlie leaps on the vehicle and says he will free Romeo using a flag in his chain to select to lock, nevertheless the vehicle starts to operate a vehicle and he comes off, and Charlie races after the vehicle, dropping the flag in the progress, nevertheless they improvise with among Charlie's head hairs. They escape but Romeo feels there number point staying as Laila claimed she never desired to see him again, the next day each morning, Romeo kicks his sack onto an open train boxcar planning to keep the section but Charlie occurs with Laila and the others, Charlie says to Romeo he is an idiot for leaving Laila when she still enjoys him, he discussed every thing and says she is Romeo's and nobody elses, he enables get of her hand and Laila starts to perform after the train, while Romeo supports his hand out on her, Charlie remarks " wherever have i observed that before ".She reaches for his hand and holds it nevertheless the manage Romeo was holding had missing its top screws, creating him fall off with Laila, after which they raise there brains to each other and claim "I really like you" in sync. It then visits the "Moonlight Membership" wherever everyone is back performing a remix variation of "Principal Hoon Romeo".

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