Billu (2009)


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Duration: 137 minutes

Genre: Comedy

Release date: 13 February 2009


Director: Priyadarshan

Writers: Mushtaq Sheikh

Box office:

Producer: Gauri Khan

Music Composer: Pritam

A rebuilding of the very successful Malayalam picture Kadha Parayumbol, Billu (formerly "Billu Barber") could be the history of a small town man, Billu (Irrfan Khan) who says to his household that he was after a buddy of celebrity; Sahir Khan (Shahrukh Khan). Then every thing changes when Sahir Khan makes an appearance to picture a video in the town. Rumors spread that Billu is Sahirs close friends, and he becomes a superstar essentially overnight. The problem begins when townsfolk want to meet up with Sahir but Billu is unable to contact him.

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Star As
 Irrfan Khan... Billas Pardesi aka Billo Barber
 Shahrukh Khan... Sahir Khan
 Lara Dutta... Billus Wife
 Om Puri... Sahukaar Daamchand
 Rajpal Yadav... Zallan Kumar
 Mitali Mayekar... Gunja
 Pratik Dalvi... Ronak
 Manoj Joshi... Damodar Dubey
 Rishikesh Sharma... Taro Bapu
 Kareena Kapoor... Special appearances in "Marjaani" Song
 Priyanka Chopra... Special appearances in "You Get Me Rocking & Reeling" Song
 Deepika Padukone... Special appearances in "Love Mera Hit Hit" Song

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