Prince Its Showtime (2010)


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Duration: 138 minutes

Genre: Action, Thriller

Release date: 9 April 2010

Slogan: Its Showtime ... Nothing and No One Can Be Tr

Director: Kookie V. Gulati

Writers: Rensil D'Silva

Box office:

Producer: Kumar S. Taurani

Music Composer: Sachin Gupta

One of many savviest robbers in the world commits the biggest heist of his life. He gets up next day to appreciate he features a gunshot injure on his arm that he does not remember getting. In his journey to locate responses he discovers his name is Prince, he applied to benefit a man named Sarang and his friends name is Maya. He's being hunted by the key company of India- I Hold, the CBI and the biggest bright collared criminals in the world.

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