Milenge Milenge (2010)


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Duration: 150 minutes

Genre: Romance

Release date: 9 July 2010


Director: Satish Kaushik

Writers: Shiraz Ahmed

Box office:

Producer: Boney Kapoor, Surinder Kapoor

Music Composer: Himesh Reshammiya

Magic Happens, if you let it; and sometimes even destiny or destiny, or whatsoever you wish to call it, measures in to provide a hand. Nevertheless when it concerns love, and finding that specific person youre going to pay the rest of your daily life with, should you chance tempting destiny with an examination of that love or what is relatively designed to be, or must you just follow your evident destiny and embrace it? Such would be the issues a couple should face and solution in the passionate comedy/drama. "Milenge Milenge"

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Kareena is not Good actor but shahid is best actor

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Star As
 Delnaaz Paul... Honey
 Kareena Kapoor... Priya
 Aarti Chhabria... 
 Shahid Kapur... Amit
Akash Kamble
My rating:

Kareena is not Good actor
but shahid is best actor

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