We Are Family (2010)


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Duration: 115

Genre: Drama

Release date: 3 September 2010

Slogan: A family...in an unusual situation

Director: Siddharth P.Malhotra


Box office:

Producer: Hiroo Johar

Music Composer:

Maya is an ideal mother. Her living revolves about her three childerens, Aleya ( Aachal Munjal ), Ankush ( Nominath Ginsberg ), and Anjali ( Diya Sonecha ). Who feels nothing much then the world of her. Despite being divorced from her husband, Aman ( Arjun Rampal ). Maya has ensured that everything runs easily in her home, under her watch, and which they keep on to remain a pleased household unit. But, when Aman presents his lover, Shreya ( Kareena Kapoor ) a career driven person, who has a great deal to understand childrens, to the family, the specific situation straight away requires surprise turn. When an episode changes their lives drastically, providing both women underneath the same top, they end up putting to test an unusual situation; may two moms produce a house?

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