Hostel (2011)


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Genre: Drama

Release date: 21 January 2011

Slogan: The truth will hit you.

Director: Manish Gupta


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Few Indians are aware of the number of suicides that occur in Indian Hostels as a result of the trend termed as Ragging. That sadistic training has turned into a ritual where pupils are beaten up, removed, paraded nude, starved, tortured, molested and also raped by their seniors. Since victims of ragging believe it is embarrassing to record sexual abuse to their parents or others, many ragging-related crimes get unreported. However, these really pupils - who experience calmly at the hands of the seniors - in turn vent their frustrations by ragging their juniors in the next years. Thus, that cruel training continues year following year and has said (and continues to be claiming) the lives and jobs of innumerable students. The film Hostel is just a alarming eye-opener relating to this wicked training and is just a wake-up necessitate most of us

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