Naughty at 40 (2011)


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Genre: Comedy

Release date: 14 April 2011


Director: Jagmohan Mundhra


Box office:

Producer: Kiran Sharma

Music Composer:

Laxminarayan Kapoor lives a wealthy lifestyle in London along with his religious wife, Maya; son Ravinder; and two nephews, Sandeep and Randeep. While the nephews have adapted themselves to the country and women, Ravinder is still a virgin at 40, and is a sleep-walker. After getting his leg pulled constantly, he asks his father to get him married, and is introduced to a statuesque beauty - who rejects him after discovering his sleep-walking disorder. His parents then get him married to Gauri, and he hopes to end his celibacy, in vain albeit, as she turns out to be child-like and naive. Frustrated, unable to get intimate he befriends a Caucasian female, Sharon, and decides to marry her. Watch what response he gets, and the impact this has on everyone.

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Star As
 Govinda... Happy
 Shakti Kapoor... Sharafat Ali
 Rakesh Bedi... Dayashankar
 Ameet Chana... Mandy
 Yuvika Chaudhry... Gauri
 Smita Jaykar... Maya L. Kapoor

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