Ammaa Ki Boli (2012)


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Genre: Comedy

Release date: 14 December 2012


Director: Narayan chauhan

Writers: Sajan Aggarwal

Box office:


Music Composer:

The story revolves around an old-aged husband-less mother Ammaa (Faruk Zafar), her 5 grown-up children’s and a second-rate two-seater scooter living in a small town. Ammaa’s five grown-up children’s, namely Parmu (Govind Namdev), Jeetu (Sitaram Panchal), Rukmi (Sanjay Mishra), Kalavati (Himani Shivpuri) and Hari (Zakir Hussain), are all well-settled and have their own 2-seater vehicle. However only Rukmi doesn’t have and thus he steals nearly Rs. 40,000/- from Ammaa’s safe-box and buys a second class two-seater scooter.

Soon the scooter met with a strange accident because of the two local boys and so does the exposure of robbing money from Ammaa. A group meeting was then finally called up and the scooter was declared as ‘Sarvajanik Scooter’ (multi-purpose scooter) where anybody and anyone in the family can use it. However this doesn’t go down well with Rukmi and the story takes a complete turn in a sheer hilarious manner, where how it changes from the key of this second-rate scooter to Ammaa’s funeral, forms the crux of the story. This film also deals with the importance of relations in present scenario, This is a satire on family relations between A mother and her Five children which explained in a form of comedy.Wikipedia

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Star As
 Farrukh Jaffer... Ammaa
 Govind Namdev... Parmu
 Sitaram Panchal... Jeetu
 Sanjai Mishra... Rukmi
 Hrishita Bhatt... Pramila
 Zakir Hussain Actor... Hari
 Ishteyak Khan... Munna
 Himani Shivpuri... Kalavati
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