OMG Oh My God! (2012)


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Duration: 190 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release date: 28 September 2012

Slogan: A Divine Comedy!

Director: Umesh Shukla

Writers: Bhavesh Mandalia

Box office: INR105 crore

Producer: Akshay Kumar

Music Composer: Himesh Reshammiya

Adapted from a Gujarati play by Bhavesh Mandalia, writer Umesh Shukla has adapted the drama to the big screen quite skillfully. Paresh Rawal’s character Kanjilal gets some of the best dialogues and thespian does full justice to them. Kanjilal’s arguments and counter-questions are very well thought out. The take on the God-men is very interesting. The best part was the parallel drawn to the Mahabharata towards the end, with Krishna (Akshay) re-playing his role as the legendary charioteer-advisor for a warrior (Arjun then, Kanji now).

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Star As
 Paresh Rawal... Kanjibhai
 Akshay Kumar... Lord Krishna
 Om Puri... Hanif Qureshi
 Apoorva Arora... Jigna
 Puja Gupta... Hanifs daughter

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