English Vinglish (2012)


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Duration: 133 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release date: 21 September 2012

Slogan: Sridevi vs Angrezi

Director: Gauri Shinde

Writers: Gauri Shinde

Box office:

Producer: R. Balki

Music Composer: Amit Trivedi

English Vinglish is the story of a woman who does not know English and is made to feel insecure by her family and society at large.Circumstances make her determined to overcome this insecurity, master the language, and teach the world a lesson on the way to becoming a self assured and confident woman.

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Star As
 Sridevi... Shashi Godbole
 Priya Anand... Radha
 Mehdi Nebbou... Laurent- a French cook
 Adil Hussain... Satish Godbole

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