Krrish 3 (2013)


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Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Superhuman

Release date: 1 November 2013


Director: Rakesh Roshan


Box office:

Producer: Rakesh Roshan

Music Composer: Rajesh Roshan, Salim-Sulaiman

Krrish 3 is a future Bollywood superhero research fiction film. The movie is going to be produced and guided by Rakesh Roshan. The movie will continue the story of Rohit Mehra and his superhero child Krrish, following Koi... Mil Gaya and Krrish, this being the next movie of the Krrish movie series. Equally the sooner films have obtained hit position at the package office. The movie is going to be released during Diwali 2013 along having its 3D format. Wikipedia

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Sunil kumar

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Star As
 Hrithik Roshan... Krishna Mehra/ Krrish/ Rohit Mehra
 Priyanka Chopra... Priya Mehra
 Vivek Oberoi... Kaal - the antagonist
 Kangna Ranaut... Kaya
 Arif Zakaria... Nuclear Scientist
 Shaurya Chauhan... the female antagonist
 Archana Puran Singh... Priya Mehras boss
 Rekha... Sonia Mehra special appearance
Sunil 35
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Sunil kumar

anjali arora
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Vishal Barot
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Krrish 3 has some good action screens and brilliant vfx effects which makes this movie watchable although movie songs in this film is not good. Hrithik Roshan have played impressive role as krrish as well as Rohit Mehra. Kangna Ranaut also have played nice role.
If you look into bollywood past in sci-fi, super human movie than Krrish 3 is better than Ra.ONE or any other sci-fi movie. But we people have seen all the good action screens in hollywood movies and so Krrish 3 look like rip-off from hollywood actions movies like x-men, superman, etc.

Anyway, In my opinion Krrish 3 is good movie to watch with kids.

Hency Ramsay
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Krrish 3 Movie is a thrilling experience of superhero film its brilliant vision and courage, the producers should be lauded. The movie is worth watching for its gripping storyline and for great acting of the cast. People who don’t fancy sci-fi movies might find Krrish 3 boring. But otherwise Krrish 3 is a solid movie. For kids this movie is a must watch.

Saurabh Rathore
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I have seen the trailer of this movie and waiting for its release, I hope this movie will be as good as it seems *fingers crossed*. When I saw the trailer it is full of high quality actions that can compete to hollywood action movies such as man of still ...

Barot Vivek
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Rohit Mehra : Thank you Jadoo, tumhari dhoop se milne wali shaktio ka raaj ab main samajh gaya hoon. Agar mega experiment kamiyaab hua to ess duniya ko, Insaaniyat ko ekk nayi suruaat milegi.

Kaal : Kaal ki kayenat main welcome...

Vishal Barot

Around 600 Krrish masks were used during the filming of the movie. Since they are made of wax, they tend to melt. Hrithik Roshan, thus had to do more rounds of set.

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