Jolly L L B (2013)


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Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release date: 15 March 2013


Director: Subhash Kapoor


Box office:

Producer: Fox Star Studios

Music Composer: Krsna

Jagdish Tyagi aka "Jolly" (Arshad Warsi) is a small-town lawyer sitting at the district court in Meerut, who faces a lack of clientele, and fails to defend his first-ever client in court upon a Public Interest Litigation (a doctor who let his 14-year-old son perform a delivery to gain an entry into the Guinness World Records). He decides to shift his base to Delhi, where a brother in law of his lives, in hope of better clientele, coaxing his girlfriend Sandhya(Amrita Rao). At the same time, as shown in the beginning of the film, a hit-and-run case happens in Delhi where a Toyota Land Cruiser being driven by Rahul Dewan, from a wealthy family, tramples 6 workers sleeping on the footpath.

Jolly's luck is no different there as he fails to attract any client, but then he actively tracks the Rahul Dewan case when Dewan is acquitted due to lack of evidence, and decides to file a Public Interest Litigation, inspired by the prosecutor who did the same against his client. In response, the Dewans hire Tejinder Rajpal (Boman Irani), one of India's top-level and wealthy lawyers, who has a fan following among the small lawyers and Jolly too. As Jolly tries to hunt for evidence, he is approached by Albert Pinto(Harsh Chhaya), who claimed to be at the scene when the accident took place and agrees to give testimony. But Jolly's forgetfulness about Court Appealing Guidelines, and his poor image in the eyes of the judge (Saurabh Shukla) causes the case to be delayed further and further. Later, Pinto reveals himself to be hired by Rajpal to mislead Jolly and offers him 20 lakh rupees to lose the case. Jolly agrees, but when he is left by Sandhya and the court canteen proprietor, Mr. Kaul and notices the pathetic conditions faced by the poor who sleep on the footpath, he is inspired to fight the case for the dignity of the weak and returns the money to Rajpal.

Rajpal pulls all strings to make Jolly lose the case, including bribing the police, specially Officer Rathi, to hide all evidence, false testimonies from Dewan's acquaintances and ganging up his fan lawyers against Jolly. Despite this, with help from a newly-joined lawyer Vasu and his uncle, he gathers crucial evidence and tracks down one of the survivors of the accident, Sadakant Mishra, who had been declared dead by the police. Mishra narrates the fateful incident of that night- the workers had been sleeping when Dewan's SUV crushed them. The vehicle missed Sadakant, but in his hurry to escape Dewan drives the SUV over his leg, crippling him. It was surrendering their yearly savings to Rathi, who had been paid to kill Sadakant, that he was able to escape alive.

The extensive evidence which had been proven to be adulterated, combined with Jolly's emotional appeal and irritation by Rajpal's attitude emotionally stirs the judge and gives the verdict, expelling and prosecuting Rathi for his efforts to hide the evidence and a 7-year imprisonment for Rahul Dewan. Jolly wins the support of his fellow lawyers and extensive media coverage for his astonishing victory, considering that no lawyer had been able to defeat the mighty Rajpal yet. Wikipedia

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Star As
 Arshad Warsi... Jagdish Tyagi Jolly
 Amrita Rao... Sandhya
 Boman Irani... Tejinder Rajpal
 Saurabh Shukla... Judge
 Harsh Chhaya... Albert Pinto
 Mukund Bhatt... Jolly's Bodyguard
 Sonel... Tejinder Rajpal's assistant.
 Mohan Agashe... Rahul's Grandfather
 Katrick Sitaraman... news presenter

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