Shortcut (2013)


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Duration: 146 minutes

Genre: thriller

Release date: 21 June 2013


Director: Susi Ganeshan


Box office:

Producer: Manjari Susi Ganesh

Music Composer: Himesh Reshammiya

Suraj (Neil Nitin Mukesh) a good for nothing youth, who throws his weight around his home with his crazy attitude. One day in a fit of rage, he injures his young brother, following which he's sent faraway from Goa to Mumbai to his uncle's house. Suraj possibilities upon a few indulging in love creating on the lawns of a golf course. He has this behave opportunity on a video camera. He then discovers that it is an extramarital event and that the lovers Monica(Ameesha Patel)and Ashish are rich. Despite Monica's offering big sums of money for the tape, Suraj refuses to spend the it. His demand is significantly greater. He needs an confidence from her that she will provide him a deluxe living throughout his life. Monica does not have any selection; she succumbs to Suraj's blackmail and Suraj foots his vacation in Kenya together with his friends. Monica at every point of the bilking method attempts to outsmart Suraj; the struggle of wits is on. Suraj matches Sherry (Puja Gupta) a rich but unhappy lady and falls deeply in love with her. Thats when he starts to realize there are points more crucial than money in life. The cat and mouse game between Monica and Suraj, and just how one alternately checkmates another atlanta divorce attorneys circular goes on till Rahul (Monica's husband) employs an exclusive detective. Does Suraj join with Sherry? Does Monica free herself from the clutches of the blackmailer? Or does the husband punish Suraj? The later area of the story stops with fascinating angle and turns.

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