Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara (2013)


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Duration: 152 minutes

Genre: Action, Crime

Release date: 15 August 2013


Director: Milan Luthria

Writers: Rajat Arora

Box office:

Producer: Ekta Kapoor,Shobha Kapoor

Music Composer: Pritam

The movie commences from where the previous film ended with Shoaib Khan being the reigning don after successfully assassinating his mentor, thus earning the respect and reverence of the people apparently. 12 years later, he is still the charismatic and suave man with womanising skills who has extended his empire upto the Middle east on the west. His sole companions and friends are Javed (Sarfaraz Khan), who oversees his illegal and shady works for him, his old-time love Mumtaz (Sonali Bendre) and Aslam (Imran Khan), a youth spotted by Shoaib during one of his visits to the slums, where he once spent the early years of his life.

Now much older, Shoaib (Akshay Kumar) comes back to Bombay after years to finish off Rawal (Mahesh Manjrekar), another gangster. Although the city still being his first love, a rising starlet, Jasmine (Sonakshi Sinha) has caught the fancy of Shoaib's heart. Jasmine is a forthcoming movie star, whom Shoaib makes famous, and showers her with gifts. In due time, this passion takes the shape of obsession for Shoaib. On the other hand, he sends Aslam along with another trustworthy goon, Jimmy, to finish off Rawal. As they arrive, Rawal switches the lights off and Jimmy unknowingly kills Rawal's apparent girlfriend instead.
Rawal flees, and soon, Jimmy is arrested. The police keeps him in for less than 10 minutes and lets him go. The police's plan is to make it look as if Jimmy has turned on Shoaib, so that Shoaib arrives to finish off Jimmy, and then they will capture him. Aslam suspects this, and decides to go get Jimmy himself instead of Shoaib. As Aslam arrives, the police gather around and attack. Aslam gets Jimmy, however is interrupted by an police inspector. Shoaib appears and injures the inspector, before shooting Jimmy dead after accusing him of betrayal. Shoaib and Aslam escape from the scene after a long chase by the police.

By this time, not only has Shoaib fell in love with Jasmine, Aslam has also befriended her. Slowly, however, this friendship apparently turns into love. When Shoaib decides to gift Jasmine a house, she realizes that he loves her, and straightly tells him that she considers him as a friend. Disappointed Shoaib, violently reacts and makes her leave. Angered, he goes to her film shoot and destroys some of the set. Jasmine, realizing that the only way nothing will get worse decides to return to Shoaib. As Aslam tries to confess his love to her, she tells him that they cannot meet again. By then, Shoaib sends Aslam to pick Jasmine up, unknown to Aslam, who is shocked to see her as Shoaib's love.

At the same time, Rawal enters and attacks Jasmine.When Shoaib comes to the hospital, he starts saying that Aslam ad himself, both love the same girl, which scares Aslam, who tries to say it isn't like that. To this, Shoaib says, it isn't, but it must seem like that from now on, so that Rawal assumes that Aslam is turned against Shoaib now, and thus comes to him, and they could make use of the opportunity and mislead him. The plan works, and Shoaib manages to kill Rawal in front of a huge crowd. Thhis puts the police on high alert wo decide that now, they must not lose Shoaib at any cost. While joyous over his victory of killing Rawal, he is returning to Jasmine, who meanwhile is unconscious in the hospital. Aslam is with her in the hospital, and has decided to leave her and go away after Shoaib comes in. Aslam's friend who is driving Shoaib back, mentions that the girl Aslam loves is Jasmine as well. To this, Shoaib reacts furiously. he decides to destroy Aslam. Aslam's friend ties to signal to them that they are in danger, which Aslam receives correctly, and hence flees away with Jasmine. Shoaib finds out that the friend helped them flee, and hence sends his dead body back to Aslam, and also his goons to kill Aslam. They are unable to kill him. Then Aslam calls Shoaib saying he will now only live for Jasmine. Shoaib says that no one will touch Aslam now as he is coming to kill him. A major fight takes place between Shoaib and Aslam. After several attacks of Shoaib, police comes and shoot at Shoiab but Aslam gets bullet on its shoulder, when he pushes Shoaib away, in order to save him . Shoaib is taken aback at this. Jasmine runs to comfort Aslam, and pleads Shoaib to go away, condemning the person that Shoaib is. The polic fire again at Shoaib.The next scene is where Javed drags Shoaib away.

In last scene,it is shown that Shoaib (who is injured) is going in a ship, reading his letter he wanted to give to Jasmine

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Star As
 Akshay Kumar... Shoaib Khan
 Imran Khan... Aslam
 Sonakshi Sinha... Jasmine Mirza
 Sonali Bendre... Mumtaz Khan
 Sarfaraz Khan... Jaaved
 Mahesh Manjrekar... Rawal
 Abhimanyu Singh... ACP Ashish Sawant
 Kurush Deboo... Tailor
 Pitobash Tripathy... Dedh Taang
 Chetan Hansraj... Jimmy
 Sophie Choudry... unknown
 Tiku Talsania... Tayyab Ali
 Faraz Deswali... Faraz Khan
 Vidya Balan... cameo in a song

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