Akshara Haasan is prepared to make her debut in Balki's film

By Subhash K. Jha
It's final. Kamal Haasan and Sarika's younger daughter Akshara Haasan who has studied music and filmmaking is also bitten by the acting bug.

Both her parents felt Akshara was more cut out for being behind the camera. And since the elder daughter Shruti was already an actress, Akshara's filmmaking potential would have nicely rounded off the family's creative ambit.

"But parents can't make up their children's minds. Not now-a-days at least. Kamalji and Sarikaji thought Akshara was more interested in direction. Sarika put her on to her friend Rahul Dholakia with whom she has worked in Parzania and Society. Akshara assisted Rahul Dholakia and the whole family thought she was heading towards a career in filmmaking. But then Balki spotted Akshara. He offered her a role in his new film. And Akshara took the plunge," says a friend of Kamal Haasan's family.

Interestingly, Akshara is paired with Dhanush in Balki's film. Dhanush is a dear friend of Akshara's sister Shruti, and also the son-in-law of Kamal Haasan's arch-rival Rajinikanth.

While Dhanush and Akshara would star opposite one another, another stellar role is played by Big B in Balki's proposed film which starts next month.

Akshara's father Kamal Haasan had said a while ago, "She has assisted Mr. Rahul Dholakia. I think she is keener on filmmaking than acting. Every time Akshara stands behind the camera and says, 'This is where I want to be', I am reminded of myself. I started behind the camera and gradually moved to the front. Maybe she too will do so. But not right now."


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