Kareena shoots ad with Pakistani director

By Subhash K. Jha
This week the stunning Kareena Kapoor flew to Bangkok to be able to shoot an ad for just a Pakistani product... simply to return to Mumbai to be able to rumours that she's been replaced by Deepika Padukone in Karan Johar's Shuddhi.

"All rubbish, " says an end friend of Kareena's. "Karan Johar as well as she are like siblings. Neither would carry out anything to hurt another. Kareena is still greatly part of Shuddhi. Pataa nahin yeh kiski buddhi hai. The film have been delayed for Hrithik's health reasons. But Kareena and Hrithik are all set to begin the film in July. "

The ad in Bangkok for just a cell phone brand was shot with hotshot Pakistani representative Farooq Mannan, considered to be the Imtiaz Ali of Pakistani's ad entire world.

Says Kareena's pal, "She hadn't got word of Farooq Mannan... none of us had. Then she observed his last ad with the same cell cell phone company featuring Iman Ali (the actress in the highly-acclaimed Khuda Kay Liye) as well as Kareena was bowled more than. "

For the ad that's shot in Bangkok, Farooq Mannan invited a DOP from Nyc.

Says the supply, "Kareena has been paid the kind of money that this Pakistani entertainment industry can't imagine doling out thus to their own models as well as actresses. Everything inside the ad has been finished with world-class technicians. Here is the most expensive ad ever manufactured in Pakistan. ".


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