I would like If Salman Khans JAI HO does more business than DHOOM 3 says Aamir Khan

By simply Rachana Sheth, Glamsham

That Aamir and Salman Khan have turned best of the buddies in bollywood is evident now. Time and again the duo has proved their newfound true friendship.

As Salman went of his strategy to promote Aamir Khan's DHOOM 3, the very best grosser of 2013, by means of sporting bowler's cap on his controversial BigBoss 7, now Aamir would also try out promoting his jigri dost Salman Khan's forthcoming film JAI HO in every possible manner.

Aamir affirms, "In just about every possible way I most certainly will promote Salman Khan's JAI HO. Even I will be eagerly looking towards JAI HO to be a great movie... I am looking towards it just as one audience. I also strive to be entertained and wish to have fun at the conclusion of your day. "

While DHOOM 3 has set the cash registers ringing in, Aamir Khan, as being a true-blue pal, wants Salman's JAI HO to surpass DHOOM 3 records. Rather than being competitive, Aamir wants his friend's film to do more business than his.

"I don't visualize it as competition. I want JAI HO to do more business than DHOOM 3 has done. And it does not affect me a slightest bit, " says Aamir Khan.

He further adds, "Whether you believe me on this or not but I truly feel I want to see better and better work happening from the film industry, from other actors, directors and producers including myself. I think all of us should strive for better work. I have no hesitation in saying that I would love to celebrate other's films too that I enjoy. Not only JAI HO, but I would also love other films like HAPY NEW YEAR, KICK to do well."

Well, all of us simply can't resist expressing here Dost Ho Toh Aamir Jaisa!



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