Katrina kaif is Seeta, Or Is She Geeta?

you will be happy to know that Katrina Kaif is considering being a part of the Seeta aur Geeta remake. In fact she is such a big fan of the film that she has wanted to produce a remake herself, so she was quite interested when she was offered the project. The production team is ecstatic that Kat is so interested so they are giving her complete freedom in choosing the team that she wants!

Rumour has it that Ramesh Sippy, who has also directed the original, will direct the remake too. But this rumour has been denied by his son Rohan Sippy. Apparently there is a tussle between the Sippy brothers about the film's rights, so nobody can make any claims till this issue is settled between the brothers. But it is largely expected that the film will be ready by 2014. Now that's something to look forward to!


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