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Danish "Dan" Walia (Varun Dhawan) is a hotel management trainee working for an internship course in a hotel in Delhi. His co-worker is Shiuli Iyer (Banita Sandhu). Dan is a man of careless attitude who does not like his job due to the low-class errands and has strained relations with most of his co-workers and seniors, contrasting with Shiuli who is calmer and good at her job. On New Year's Eve Shiuli and the other hotel interns party at the top of the terrace, but Dan is nowhere to be seen. Little realizing that the cliff is slippery, Shiuli falls from the terrace as she happens to ask of his whereabouts.

Critically injured, Shiuli is admitted to the hospital, and goes into a comatose state. When Dan learns about Shiuli's accident, he visits her in the hospital. Moved by her condition he begins visiting her regularly and develops an emotional attachment towards her when he comes to know that her last three words were "''Dan kahaan hai?''" ("Where is Dan?"). Due to his frequent visits to the hospital, his internship at the hotel suffers and he is fired. As months pass by, Shiuli slowly starts to recover. Dan gets another job at a different hotel in Kullu where he becomes a manager, however, unable to take Shiuli out of his mind, he returns back to her. When Shiuli is discharged and taken home, Dan continues taking care of her.

One night, Shiuli has a seizure; her lungs collapse and she dies. Deeply grief-stricken, Dan takes the tree with himself under which Shiuli used to play as a child as her last memory as her family moves to Trichy.


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