movie Dhokha

Post-September 11, 2001, Zaid Ahmed Khan lives a rich lifestyle in Mumbai and exists in a flat at Shanti Kutir, Juhu Tara Path, Mumbai, and works being an Associate Commissioner of Police. 1 day terrorists affect at a team, killing 20 people, & significantly hurting many others. The Authorities are put on alert, and Zaid is summoned to Authorities Headquarters to spot a body. To his surprise your body ends up to be that of Sarha, his wife - who was simply maybe not a victim but was a suicide-bomber. While attempting to put his living together, Zaid comes across evidence that Sarha might experienced an turn in the killings, and thus intrigued he chooses to visit to Nasik to learn what really happened, whether his devout Islamic wife really was an enemy or the prey of a deep-rooted conspiracy.

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made with in India