movie ABCD: Anybody Can Dance

After having a bitter contradiction with his ally and manager Jehangir Khan (Kay Kay Menon) about the latter's blatant abuse of power and influence to win a dance competition called "promenade Dil Se" for his team JDC (Jehangir promenade Company), the choreographer of the promenade business, Vishnu (Prabhu Deva), quits his job. At first he wants to return dwelling to Chennai, but his ally Gopi (Ganesh Acharya) convinces him to stay in Mumbai with him.

After seeing some underprivileged local youngsters' promenading abilities at a devout commemoration, Vishnu concludes to start his own promenade assembly with them. The major challenges for Vishnu are the need of control and respect among the dancers and the rivalry between the two factions in the group lead by D (Dharmesh Yelande) and Rocky (Salman Yusuff Khan).

There is furthermore Chandu (Punit Pathak), a pharmaceutical addict trying to overcome his addiction through dance and Rhea (Lauren Gottlieb), who was JDC's star student until Jehangir endeavoured to take sexy advantage of her. Rhea subsequent connects Vishnu's group. Rocky begins going out with Rhea, which wrath D.

One day, the police notify them to vacate the studio as per D's father's complaint. Vishnu endeavours to make him realise that he should let D to do what he is good at. After his dad impels D out of his house, D extends to promenade and live at Chandu's residency. In the auditions of promenade Dil Se, D and Rocky starts to battle in the proceed itself.

However Jehangir accepts their entry recounting them as "jokers". Chandu makes D and Rocky associates by convincing D that Rocky is resolved with Rhea and Bhawna is interested in him. D and Rocky becomes best of friends.

DDR comes to the semi finals and to commemorate Chandu visits his vintage associates and does pharmaceuticals. Vishnu Sir is livid but every person supports Chandu's determination to leave his addiction and give Chandu the lead dancer's part. Chandu is going to shock Shaina by suggesting to her after the semi finals and buys her a ring. Just then he again meets his vintage druggie associates who desire to see his ring and ask Chandu to join them for a round of drugs. Chandu refuses and inquires for his ring back. His ally then throws the ring box towards him which falls down. As Chandu is about to retrieve it he is strike by a motor motor truck and passes away. All are waiting for Chandu to turn up for the semi finals when they discover of his demise. They are shocked but resolutely proceed ahead with their moving semi last dance usual. DDR comes to the finals only to get a shock that their act has been presented by JDC! Mayur ultimately arrives out to be the culprit who has sold out DDR and becomes JDC's lead person who dances as well.

DDR prepared their proceed within 10 minutes finally appear out as the victors of "Dance Dil Se".

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