Baat Hamari Pakki Hai (2010)


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Duration: approximately 24 minutes

Genre: drama

Release date: 31 May 2010


Director: Prasad Gavandl

Writers: Sanjay Kumar, Anshuman Sinha, Satyam Tripathi

Box office:

Producer: Tony Singh & Deeya Singh

Music Composer:

Baat Hamaari Pakki Hai is the story of Saachi, an orphan who lives with her maternal uncle, Indar Sharma and Indar's wife, Usha Sharma along with her younger cousins: Shreya, Nani and Naanu. Saachi faces problems in finding a life partner and keeps getting rejected and Saachi's marriage becomes the only agenda in her Usha's life.

Each time a prospective groom arrives, Saachi is displayed like a commodity and is often held responsible when the alliance does not work out. She goes through the humiliation of being displayed and then rejected time and again, until one day Saachi meets her match: Shravan. Saachi's wedding is fixed with Shravan, but this joy also proves to be short-lived as Saachi realizes that Shravan loves someone else.

Shravan is shown to be lazy and irresponsible while Saachi portrays a loving, mature and responsible young woman. The families of the protagonists attempt to solve the issues between the couple. Finally, Saachi and Shravan get married and decide to make it a contract marriage where they will divorce after six months because Shravan loves Tara.

On their honeymoon, they get drunk and that night sleep together. Tara finds out and dumps him. Later they find out that, that night nothing happened between them. Shravan decides to patch up his relationship with Saachi. All of the family members try to make Shravan fall for Saachi. A long while later, Shravan realizes he is in love with Saachi and confesses his love to her after a romantic session. Saachi also confesses her love.

Shravan takes the marriage contract and attempts to burn it but realizes he grabbed the wrong paper. The marriage contract ends up in Shravan's father's hands and he is humiliated. However, now that Shravan and Saachi truly love each other, they are determined to prove their love. Shravan's father makes them divorce and tells Shravan that if he can get 1 lakh in less than 3o days, he will prove himself responsible and that he truly loves Saachi. Shravan heads out to find a job, but he is unsuccessful.

Shravan gets a job in a garage, working there trying to get 1 lakh. While working, he sees a poster about a race and the winner will get 1 lakh. Shravan enters the race and wins. Saachi and Shravan go to receive the check for 1 lakh. They happily take it and drive away to start a new life. They later realize that it is not a 1 lakh check — instead, it's a check for 70,000.

Sachi and Shravan start living in a marriage house, with the names Jack and Jerry. Later, they are accepted back into Shravan's family. But as fate had Saachi meets with an accident, which erases her memory. In an attempt to get it back, the end result becomes such that Saachi gets her memory back but forgets everything after 24 hours, which means that each day, she will have to be reminded of her life and her loved ones. Shravan still loves Saachi despite this condition and the story ends on a good note.Wikipedia

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Star As
 Ankita Sharma... Saachi Jaiswal/female lead
 Vivek Mushran... Indar Sharma Saachi's uncle
 Himani Shivpuri... Nani
 Sai Deodhar... Nidhi Shravan's oldest sis-in-law

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