Bade Achhe Lagte Hain (2011)


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Duration: approximately 20 minutes

Genre: drama

Release date: 30 May 2011


Director: Jaladh Sharma, Mohit Hussain

Writers: Sonali Jaffar

Box office:

Producer: Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor

Music Composer: Lalit Sen, Nawab Arzoo

Ram's (Ram Kapoor) younger stepsister, Nataasha (Sumona Chakravarti), falls in love with Priya's (Sakshi Tanwar) younger brother Kartik (Mohit Malhotra). Their marriage has been finalized by their families, who want Priya and Ram to marry first. After a series of miscommunications and misunderstandings, Priya and Ram realise that they have fallen in love and their relationship blossoms. Priya surprises Ram with a statue of his late father, Ram places his pharmaceutical business property in Priya's name.

Ram's stepmother Niharika (Eva Grover) is jealous of Priya, and tries to get rid of her by creating misunderstandings between Ram and Priya. Priya, curious about Niharika's past, learns that she was married to a doctor named Jayesh Karekar (Amit Bhalla) and has two children, Siddhanth (Mahesh Shetty) and Ishika (Kajal Pisal). Niharika wanted more money, so she divorced Karekar and tricked Ram's father into marrying her. Priya finds Karekar; he advises her to leave Ram and his family and expose Niharika. Priya follows his advice.

Niharika brings Priya back home, and asks her to get rid of Ram. Before exposing Niharika, Priya is falsely accused of making poisoned medicine by Niharikia's son Siddhanth. She is jailed for 14 years, after Ayesha (Chahat Khanna), Priya's sister, testifies against her because she is in love with Siddhanth. Siddhanth plots to kill Ram in a car accident. Niharka, learning about the plot, saves Ram but dies herself in an accident. Before her death she reveals the truth about her life, shocking Ram.

Priya is involved in a disaster and given responsibility for a young girl named Raina by her dying mother, Jyoti Malhotra (Priya Marathe). Priya and Raina survive the disaster; the Kapoors and Sharmas, unaware of Priya's survival, assume she is dead. Priya plans to leave Dubai and Ram, to ease his life so he can move on. Priya brings Raina to her family in Dubai, where she meets Rajat Kapur (Sameer Kochhar) and discovers she is pregnant. Priya's parents learn of her pregnancy from medical records released by the police, but do not tell Ram since he is already in shock over Priya's death. Priya finds a job to support herself and her baby, supporting Rajat's stepdaughter Kady (Arshima Thapar).

Ek Nayi Shuruwat
The story fast-forwards five years. Rajat Kapur (Samir Kochhar), Raina's caretaker, has rented Priya a bookshop in a mall. She is happy with her five-year-old daughter Peehu (Amrita Mukherjee) (who reminds her of Ram), and thinks her life is as good as it was five years earlier. After Priya's "death", her mother Shipra (Renuka Israni) was sent to live with Ayesha; since then, her personality has changed. Ayesha lives in Ram's house, and has become a well-known model. After Priya's death, Ram married Ayesha to care for her and Sid's son Khush (Neev Ritesh Jain). Ram is Rajat's friend, but Rajat is unaware of Priya's past and she has changed her name to Pooja Sharma (Sakshi Tanwar). Rajat is a writer, under the pen name Anjaan.

Ram meets Peehu, and they are both unaware that he is her father. In a short time they grow close, and Priya regrets what might have been. She plans to reunite with Ram, but hesitates when she learns of his marriage to Ayesha. Ayesha learns that Priya is alive, but says nothing to maintain the status quo. Rajat gradually falls in love with Priya (Pooja), but his feelings are unrequited.

After five years Priya must go to Mumbai, since Kadambari (Kady) has fled there. There, she meets Ram. The Sharmas and Kapoors learn that Priya is alive, but in a series of misunderstandings Ram requests custody of Peehu. Priya, fearful of losing Peehu, fights the case with Rajat; however, she wants Peehu to have the love of both her parents. The girl brings Priya and Ram together, beginning with her school admission. Shipra and Ayesha want to separate Priya and Ram, having Priya live with Rajat; this annoys Priya and Rajat, since Rajat does not want to stand between her and a peaceful life with Ram and Peehu.

Priya opens a bookstore-cafe with Rajat to help Priya win custody of Peehu. Ram begins to realize that Priya cares for him; Priya discovers that Ram has changed nothing over the past five years, including their bedroom (which she decorated). Ram becomes jealous of Rajat, fearing that Priya might fall in love with him; to lose weight, Ram hires a personal trainer and a dietician named Shanaya.

In a crossover episode with Kya Huaa Tera Vaada, Anushka (Mauli Ganguly) prepares to shoot Priya. Rajat saves her, saying it is because he loves her. Ram tries to disarm Anushka, and is wounded. Priya brings Ram to the hospital, where she meets Neha (Tarana Raja Kapoor) and Vikram (Jai Kalra). Priya says that she is responsible for Ram's injury (because he was shot defending her), but the doctors say he only needs a day's rest. Ram insists on going to court for the custody hearing.

At Peehu's hearing, Priya gives Ram custody of her. However, Peehu is abused by Ayesha in the Kapoor mansion. Ram is unaware of this; his sister-in-law Saumya tells Priya, who asks Ram to take better care of Peehu. Ram and Priya grow closer when they try to patch up the marriage of their best friends, Vikram and Neha. Peehu leaves the Kapoor mansion after school, is kidnapped by three men and rescued by Siddhanth Kapoor: Ram's younger, cunning stepbrother, who is responsible for Niharika's death and Ayesha's pregnancy. Ram, Priya and the Kapoors think that Siddhanth has been dead for five years, but Ayesha knows better. Frightened by Peehu's kidnapping, Priya revokes Ram's custody with his consent, leaving her with Priya. That night, he tricks Ayesha into saying that she has never thought of Ram as a husband. Feeling free of her, he decides to win Priya back. Unknown to Ayesha, Ram (with Neha and Vikram's help) plans to be with Priya again at their remarriage. On the eve of the wedding, Priya's drink is accidentally spiked by Ayesha. Ram takes Priya to their old room for a rest, where they declare their love again. Priya planned to return to Dubai with Peehu, but changes her mind. Ayesha, jealous, has a car accident; after plastic surgery, she is brought home by Ram (which shocks everyone). Ayesha hosts a Valentine's Day party, where she is given a choice between Ram and his property. She chooses the property, and Ram, Priya and Peehu decide to start a new life. Siddhanth learns about this; he is happy, but cares about the property and not Ayesha and Kush. The plot then jumps six months ahead.

Six months later
Ram, Priya and Peehu live in Jaipur, where Ram owns a small company. Ram and Priya believe that Ram will gradually again become "the Ram Kapoor", a rich and famous businessman. In Mumbai, Ram's family is being mistreated by Ayesha; she and Siddhanth are have problems with the property. Peehu's birthday is approaching; Priya calls her family and friends, excited about the birthday. Learning of this, Ayesha organizes a birthday party for Khush (whose birthday was a month earlier). She invites Siddhanth to the party, but he is unwilling to attend. Ayesha asks the family to attend her party instead of Peehu's; they accept, telling Priya and Ram that they cannot come. Priya and Ram are unaffected by this, and have a good time; Khush's party turns out to be a bore. The same day, Ram wins a contract which can change his, Priya's and Peehu's lives; however, it must be finished in a week. suddenly rain comes and all the order gets washed. depressed ram decides to come back Mumbai with priya and peehu. ayesha throws out all kapoor family members soumya, rishabh, maa,daadi out of house(kapoor mansion). ram's family is staying with Natasha and her in laws. ram confronts ayesha for mistreating his family and throwing them out of the house(kapoor mansion).ram threatens ayesha that if he can give everything to ayesha than he can get every thing back.They are hunting for jobs and now get it in a same place where the boss of Ram and Priya is Ashvin (Priya's ex lover) at the sametime Neha's children get a dog from the society compound which they have named as vampire.but why did she bring dog name paglu. .

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Star As
 Sakshi Tanwar... Priya Ram Kapoor
 Ram Kapoor... Ram Amarnath Kapoor
 Amrita Mukherji... Peehu Ram Kapoor
 Chahat Khanna... Ayesha Ram Kapoor/Siddhanth Kapoor
 Neev Ritesh Jain... Khush Siddhanth Kapoor / Ram Kapoor
 Mahesh Shetty... Siddhanth Amarnath Kapoor
 Kajal Pisal... Ishika Amarnath Kapoor
 Sunny Goraya... Rishabh Amarnath Kapoor
 Deepti Devi Shrikant... Soumya Rishabh Kapoor
 Eva Grover... Niharika Amarnath Kapoor
 Madhu Raja... Krishna Amarnath Kapoor
 Rajinder Kaur Manchanda... Dadi
 Mohit Malhotra... Kartik Sudhir Sharma
 Sumona Chakravarti... Natasha Kartik Sharma
 Prithvi Sankla... Sudhir Sharma
 Renuka Israni... Shipra Sudhir Sharma
 Jai Kalra... Vikram Shergill
 Tarana Raja Kapoor... Neha Vikram Shergill
 Anshul Pandey... Rahul Vikram Shergill
 Vaibhav Joshi... Rehaan
 Sameer Kochhar... Rajat Kapur / Anjaan
 Kanika Shivpuri... Dai Jaa
 Priya Marathe... Jyoti Malhotra
 Arshima Thapar... Kadambari Malhotra
 Deepak Qazir Kejriwal... Shiny Talwar/Mamaji
 Asha Negi... Apeksha Malhotra Kapoor
 Amit Bhalla... Dr. Jayesh Karekar
 Harsh Khurana... Ashwin Khanna
 Madhumita Das... Shruti Ashwin Khanna

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