Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai (2009)


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Duration: approximately 24 minutes

Genre: drama

Release date: 6 October 2009


Director: Talat Jani, Anil V Kumar, Deepak Chavan, Muza

Writers: Story & screenplay:, Sandiip Sikcand, Vipul M

Box office:

Producer: Shobha Kapoor & Ekta Kapoor

Music Composer: Sony TV

Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai was an Indian television series that aired on Sony Entertainment Television. The series premiered on October 6, 2009, concluded on February 24, 2010. Apparently, the TRPs of the show which were once skyrocketing then plunged to an all-time low. Thus the channel has decided to replace the show.

Sisters — Kanchan, Shamoli and Kakoon — arrive in Mumbai from their village in search of livelihood. They have to face terrible hardship. Later, they find help in the form of Veeru, a young man who works as a chauffeur for Kunal Mehra, one of the city's most successful lawyers. Veeru gets jobs for Kanchan and Shamoli as maids in Kunal's home. Kunal, a wealthy middle-age bachelor, gets attracted to the quick-witted Shamoli. However, she and Veeru are in love with each other. Unknown to them, Kanchan also loves Veeru. Kakoon has an accident and needs expensive treatment at once. Only Kunal is in a position to help. Shamoli quickly decides to accept his proposal and marry him. This angers Veeru and Kanchan who believe she has chosen money over love. Rejected by her loved ones, Shamoli struggles to be accepted in her husband's elite social circle. Her resolve is tested further when Veeru comes to live in Kunal's house following a surprise revelation that the two men are related by blood. As if this were not enough, Kunal learns that Shamoli had married him to save her sister's life. He offers to set her free from their marriage. However, Shamoli chooses to stay with her husband. Veeru accepts Kanchan as his wife.Wikipedia

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