Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein (2011)


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Genre: Indian soap opera

Release date: 20 June 2011


Director: Rashmi Sharma

Writers: Ved Raj, Abhijit Sinha, Garima Goyal

Box office:

Producer: Rashmi Sharma

Music Composer: Rashmi Sharma Telefilms

The story revolves around an upper middle-class Rajasthani joint family called the Kaushiks living in Jaipur. The family members are Mr. Satyadev and Mrs. Bindeshwari Kaushik, their five sons, Utkarsh, Bittu, Shivendu, Aditya and Karthik, their five daughters-in-law Gehna, Nimmi, Simran (now Karantiya), Ria and Lovely, their four grandchildren, Gudiya, Lucky, Bubbly, Anu and also Mr. Kaushik's mother whom they call Ammasa. Mrs. Bindeshwari Kaushik is the family matriarch who has made strict rules and regulations in her house and all the family members follow them.
The story began with Mrs. Kaushik's search for an ideal daughter-in-law and wife for her youngest son, Karthik. According to her, an ideal daughter-in-law should be an amalgamation of the elements of nature(earth, air, water, fire and sky) akin to the virtues represented by her other four loving, honest and obedient daughters-in-law.
Then enters Lovely, a free-spirited, fun-loving, beautiful young girl who believed in making her own rules rather than following rules made by others. She fell in love with Karthik and eventually they got married after a series of dramatic events. Therefore, Lovely became Mrs. Kaushik's fifth daughter-in-law but her mother-in-law did not accept her so easily. Half of the story was about Lovely's struggle to impress her in-laws until she completely won her family's love and trust. Lovely somehow managed to create a permanent place in Mrs. Kaushik's heart. All the family members accepted her wholeheartedly, too.

Post Lovely's acceptance into the family, Kaushik family faced a huge shock and suffers a big loss when their brave and one of the beloved daughter-in-law, Simran died. This tragedy shattered everyone in the family but the love and trust within the Kaushik family helped them to recover the big loss. Time passed and Kaushik family was again blessed with its third daughter-in-law in the form of Karantiya, who after living with the Kaushik family, underwent a complete change of character i.e., from being a ruthless arrogant lady to a loving and caring woman. Karantiya also became a part of Kaushik family and beautifully filled the place left by Simran.

Now, Kaushik family is a complete big happy family. They meet new challenges in their lives but every time Bindeshwari make it sure not to lose her family's unity. Lovely becomes an ideal daughter-in-law and now she wants happiness for her family at any cost. Karthik loves her, too and always supports her. The story also contains some romantic and comic angles between five couples, each having their own story. Overall, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bhauein depicts the unity between Mrs. Kaushik's sons as well as her daughters-in-law who have come from different places yet living happily together at one place. Wikipedia

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Star As
 Vibha Chibber... Bindeshwari Satyadev Kaushik
 Ragini Nandwani / Vindhya Tiwari... Lovely Tyagi/Kaushik
 Mukul Harish... Karthik Satyadev Kaushik
 Rajeev Verma... Satyadev Kaushik
 Sunita Shirole... Amma Sa
 Jignesh Joshi... Utkarsh Satyadev Kaushik
 Gunn Kansara... Gehna Ukarsh Kaushik
 Mohit Mattoo... Bittu Kaushik
 Swati Bajpai... Nimmi Kaushik
 Gavie Chahal / Manoj Chandila... Shivendu Kaushik
 Rubina Shergill... Simran Kaushik
 Divjot Sabarwal... Karantiya Kaushik
 Alok Narula... Aditya Kaushik
 Deeya Chopra / Preet Kaur... Ria Kaushik
 Bharti Sharma... Aarti
 Sanjay Batra... Subodh Tyagi
 Utkarsha Naik... Mala Tyagi
 Shiwani Chakraborty... Tanya Sharma
 Gaurav... Abhay
 Kanika Shivpuri... Daayi Ma
 Ashish Roy... Shukla ji
 Manoj Chandila... Radhe
 Priti Amin... Komila Bhalla

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