Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (2012)


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Duration: approx. 23 minutes

Genre: Drama

Release date: 21 May 2012


Director: Rajesh Babbar


Box office:

Producer: Tanveer Alam

Music Composer: Zee TV

It is the story of two cousins, Rachna and Gunjan, who become friends. Rachna is a simple girl, while Gunjan is free spirited & fun-loving. She came from Mumbai to live with Rachna's family after her mother's death. But the former does not feel comfortable with them and misses her parents. But slowly, she starts to dwell with Rachna's family.Meanwhile, Rachna's paternal cousin Mayank arrives after completing his studies. He faces arguments with Gunjan every now and then due to their conflicting natures. After some time, his wedding is fixed with Charu, his aunt's cousin. But slowly he develops romantic feelings for Gunjan and kisses her on their terrace, which Gunjan takes in a hostile and disappointing way. But later, she too falls in love with him and confesses her feelings for him. They then hook up as lovers. However, the couple face many ups and downs. Their relationship is fragile due to Mayank's selfish mother who creates misunderstanding between the two. Meanwhile, Rachna feels for her hockey coach Rajeev Agrawal, but Rajeev denied her as he had no feelings for her. Not knowing about her feelings, her parents fix her alliance with Vihaan Agrawal, who turns out to be Rajeev's brother. Slowly, Rachna starts caring for Vihaan and feels happy for being with him. One day Mayank sees Gunjan and Vihaan together in a night club and mistook them. Gunjan tried every means to make him understand but he doesn't listen and eventually agreed to marry Charu breaking Gunjan's heart.The day comes when Mayank is getting married to Charu. While they were about to marry Rachna's mother played a video where Mayank's selfish mother is making a plan to separate Gunjan from Mayank's life and seed a misunderstanding between them. After that Mayank apologizes to Gunjan about everything, but she doesn't forgive him. Gunjan explains to Rachna's mother had it been there is no video Mayank will still consider her as a cheat and a selfish girl. Charu and Mayank get married against Mayank's wish. Mayank is not happy with his marriage to Charu and is sad because of his mistakes. Meanwhile, Vihaan announces that he wants to get married to Rachna as soon as possible and arrangements are made for an auspicious date soon to come. The atmosphere is the house becomes cheerful and happy as Rachna is getting married. However, Vihaan is planning a surprise play for Rachna to show how they met and has been meeting with some of his friends, Rachna's close friend Chhaya and Gunjan. Vihaan dances, flirts and compliments Gunjan non-stop and often stays after with her. Rachna reads some of Vihaan's texts to Gunjan and is gradually beginning to doubt his love for her. Vihaan is planning a surprise for Rachna and it is not hidden that Vihaan likes Gunjan. During the engagement lots of exciting suspense and drama takes place. Mintu and his friends try to kidnap Rachna, but by accident kidnap Gunjan. Then the ring ceremony is about to start, but Gunjan is missing, Mayank finds her and they come back. Vihaan is about to put the ring on Rachna, when he walks over to Gunjan and puts the ring on her. Vihaan explains of how Gunjan went to meet him first and he thought Gunjan was Rachna for a while and fell for her. When he found out the truth, he tried to accept it and become acquainted with the real Rachna. However, he thinks Rachna is amazing, but still loves Gunjan and thinks they have more in common. He says that he is not in the wrongdoing and it is no one's fault. Shail, Prabhu, and Dayal defend Rachna and Gunjan. Gunjan and Rachna are still in shock and simply stand there crying. Seema, Charu, Sangeeta and Pihu rant on about how Gunjan's flaws and keep insulting her. Savitri defends her son, but Rajiv defends Gunjan and Rachna believing that Vihaan has something up his shelve that's not right. Everyone defending Gunjan and Rachna agree that they were wrong, but think Vihaan was even more wrong. They also think that if Vihaan loves Gunjan, he should've told everyone before the engagement. Vihaan states that the whole matter is only between Gunjan and him and asks Gunjan what her opinion is. Shail does say that her daughters should be punished and did wrong but that is past now. She also clearly and repeatedly states that Gunjan doesn't love Vihaan, isn't part of this dirtiness and loves Rachna very much and wouldn't do that to her. Gunjan takes the ring from ring box and says that she is about to do something which might hurt everyone and to please if possible forgive her and places the ring on Vihaan's hand.After that, everyone in the family are all against Gunjan, except Mayank, he believes there's something going on that she's not telling everyone. Not realizing the truth behind her actions, they continuously taunt and insult her. It is revealed that after Mayank rescues Gunjan and brings her back to the wedding, Vihaan asks if he could talk to her about something important. They go to the terrace when Vihaan starts showing his true nature. He reveals that this whole time he had a plan to embarrass Gunjan the same way she did to him when the two sisters switched places. That shame that hurt stuck with him and he pretended to win Rachna's heart just to dump her on their engagement. When Gunjan goes against his wish, he reminds her what Rachna said the other day that she would do anything for Vihaan. He states that he wants Gunjan to be his fiancee just for a week and then he'll dump her and marry Rachna. But until then she's not allowed to tell anyone about this nor run away. Knowing how much her sister loves him, she goes ahead with the plan. The engagement ends, yet their hatred towards Gunjan doesn't. Kicked out of her room by Rachna, Gunjan overhears Dayal hoping that if he knew Gunjan was like this he would've never let in the house. Gunjan runs away to live in a hotel till this is all over.Rajiv saves Gunjan at hotel and Gunjan stays at Rajiv's place until she can find a new home. Mayank tries to convince her to come back, but she does not listen. When Shail wants to see Gunjan, Rachna tries to stop her and says that she love Gunjan more than her own daughter. Finally, Shail brings Gunjan back home as it is her responsibility to keep her safe. There is a big argument with Sangeeta which Rachna stops. Gunjan cries because of all this sadness in the household. Gunjan has a hard time readjusting amidst all these altercations at home.The next day, Rachna finally goes back to resume her studies at College. Vihaan publically announces that Gunjan is his fiancee which make Gunjan upset and suspicious that he will not follow through on his promise. Meanwhile Mayank finds a letter written by Vihaan's friend. This important letter warns of Vihaan's bad intentions and is proof that Gunjan is being coerced into marriage with Vihaan. Mayank confronts Gunjan about this letter and Gunjan tells him all that is happening regarding this scheme by Vihaan. But she tells him not to tell anyone about this matter until one week passes. However, the next evening, Gunjan overhears Vihaan telling Rohit he has no intention of marrying Rachna at all and only wants to trap Gunjan. Gunjan secretly vows to outwit Vihaan and expose his treachery.The next day, Vihaan wants to take Gunjan on a date and bunk college classes. Despite Shail ordering her to not go, Gunjan sadly leaves against her wishes but secretly apologizes from her heart. She and Mayank have a plan yet to be revealed to expose Vihaan's lies and prove her innocence. There is a pooja organized the next day and Vihaan attends this puja along with the rest of the Garg family. When Mayank is talking with Gunjan on the phone, Charu overhears. She creates a melodrama and threatens to leave the household. Seema stops her and has plans of her own to expel Gunjan from the household. Gunjan is planning to bring out the truth of Vihaan. So she takes all her bangles and wedding outfit and on purpose drops it. Then Charu, Seema and Sangeeta assume that she is getting married to Vihaan. Then Gunjan on purpose calls Vihaan and tells him not to come because she would loose her dignity. He then says that this is his mission. At home, Mayank is acting to talk on the phone about Gunjan getting married. Then Seema tells everyone and they decide to go to the Mandir. Finally Vihaan comes to the Mandir, thinking that he can further embarass Gunjan. However, Gunjan has a plan. She puts on a charade that she wants to get married with Vihaan. When Vihaan loudly rejects her and says that he doesn't want to marry Gunjan or Rachna, the entire Garg family overhears this.At the same time the entire Garg family including Rachna as well as the Agrawal family arrive and overhear Vihaan's rants. Finally Gunjan proved Vihaan's devious plot and gives hime a long overdue slap on the face. Shail rightfully criticizes Vihaan and says he does not respect women. Vihaan's mother tries to argue but is put down by Shail. Rajiv threatens to disown him if he continues this ridiculous immature behaviour. However, more trouble arise in the Garg residence, Rachna feels pressured now that Gunjan exposed her to everyone and is forced to learn a thing or two from Gunjan. Rachna unleashes her anger at Gunjan by insulting her and excluding her from her life.On Valentine's Day, Vihaan invites Rachna and Gunjan to his pool party where's he plans to publicly embarass them. However, the tables turn on him as he has punch spilled on his head by Rachna. Meanwhile, Mayank confesses his love for Gunjan and his ultimate plan for divorcing Charu. However, Mayank gets a job offer from Mumbai and his mother and Charu encourage him to accept it, which unfortunately means him leaving the household and be separated from Gunjan. At the college, Rajiv announces a new contest called Fresher Of The Year. Rachana applies for this as well as Gunjan. There are 3 parts: 1. sports ability; 2. mental ability and IQ; and 3. dancing ability. Rachana wants to prove she is better than Gunjan. Finally Mayank gets the courage to announce he won't take the job offer. Charu and Seema get very upset. Charu accuses Gunjan in front of everyone of ruining Mayank's life. Finally, Mayank gets the strength to tell Charu that he wants to divorce her. He also get the courage to tell Gunjan that he loves her. Also gives a challenge to Gunjan that he will get her in 2 days and she will be his. When Gunjan and Rachna are going in the rickshaw, Mayank says that he needs to talk to her and that it is very important. Gunjan refuses and at that Mayank gets very mad and rides his bike very recklessly and fall and starts bleeding. Gunjan and Rachna see that he is bleeding, Gunjan insists that Mayank should go to the hospital and he refuses unless Gunjan goes with him. Rachna tells Gunjan to go with him. Mayank brings Gunjan to a echo park that they used to go to when they were in love and shows her the dhaga that they tied together on one of the trees. Gunjan takes it out which brings Mayank in shock. She says whatever has passed was in the past and to move on. She leaves saying that she has some important work to do. So she gets to school where everyone is running. Rajiv tells her to join as she might win. So Gunjan gets ready and comes out.To her dismay Mayank follows her there too. She goes in the park to talk to him. She tells him that he is crazy and to leave her alone. He says he will leave only if she promises to leave back all his memories. Then she says again that he is crazy. So he says then that the only way to get her is commiting suicide. Gunjan gets shocked. Mayank tells her that if she doesn't come he will jump from Gangotri Bridge and commit suicide. He tells her she has one hour. Mayank leaves after saying that. Gunjan goes back to the field where Rajiv asks her what happened. She says that Mayank will commit suicide if she doesn't get there in a hour. So Gunjan gets back to practicing but she can't because of Mayank.She asks Rajiv if she can leave. Someone has that there is only an hour till practice. She says she can't wait and leaves. She goes home with rickshaw and then tells all the family members that Mayank is going to commit suicide. They all follow Gunjan to Gangotri Bridge. There Mayank ask Gunjan if she will marry him. When he gets no reply and he jumps off the bridge.To Gunjan's discontent, he doesn't know how to swim. She goes in after him and gets him out of there. Luckily, Mayank doesn't die but has a blood clot in his brain. When the doctors discover that Mayank's blood(O-) is not in the blood bank, Gunjan steps up to cure her friend. But Charu tries to stop Gunjan by boasting about her father in which Seema has cut her straight. After the blood donation is done, Seema thanks Gunjan for her sacrifice, which makes Charu jealous. Mayank quickly recovers after surgery and comes home. Gunjan makes him promise to get a job and be more faithful as a good husband to Charu. However, Charu is still bent towards harming Gunjan psychologically.There is a new competition at the college-Fresher of the Year. Rachana and Gunjan sign up for it. Rachana's mind is poisoned by Charu who says Guynjan is trying to make her lose. Charu secretly puts shampoo in the bathroom floor and Rachana slips and sprained her ankle. She still goes for the first race and is able to place into the next round. Vihaan now wants to be her mentor. Rachana is advised to get some good track shoes for the next hurdle race. Charu is up to her evil schemes and make it look like Gunjan is ruining her shoes. Gunjan & Rachana have a battle and Shail stops it.Rachana wins the hurdle race and sets a new record of 1 min 13 sec so she is thrilled. The family celebrate but still, Rachana acts cold shoulder towards Gunjan. The mentor begins. Chayya choose Apoorva, Gunjan chooses Rajeev. Vihaan, with his evil intentions, is attempting to split the sisters and ruin their lives once and for all. On the other hand, Mintu is also planning to kill the sisters as a means of revenge on foiling his evil plans over and over again.Charu is starting evil plans- she burns Rachana's encyclopedia and makes it look like Gunjan did it. She also disguises like Gunjan and puts something in Rachana's drink. When Rachana drinks it, Charu starts dancing. Shail sees this and becomes suspicious.

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Nice story of two sisters....really nice show.....

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Star As
 Rupal Tyagi... Gunjan
 Ankit Gera... Mayank Prabhu Garg
 Mahima Makwana... Rachna Dayal Garg
 Zohaib Siddiqui... Rajiv Agarwal
 Aanchal Khurana... Charu Mayank Garg
 Nikhil Chadha... Vihaan Agarwal
 Shakti Singh... Dayal Garg
 Vaishnavi Mahant... Shail Dayal Garg
 Diwakar Pundir... Akash
 Manasi Salvi... Sneha
 Alka Mogha... Seema Prabhu Garg
 Seema Pandey... Savitri Agarwal
 M.S. Shadgufta Ali Hin... Chayya
Barot Vivek
My rating:

Nice story of two sisters....really nice show.....


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