Phir Subah Hogi (2012)


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Genre: Indian soap opera, Drama

Release date: 17 April 2012


Director: Rajesh Ram Singh/ Wasmeem Sabir


Box office:

Producer: Rajesh Chadha & Saurabh Srivastava

Music Composer: Zee TV

It is the Story of 'Sugni', born in bedia tribe, young Sugani is also being made to realize that she is no exception and she will have to do the same what her mother has been doing so far-'Rai and prostitution' but since Sugni is a little literate and has got decent knowledge about the world outside her tribe, she knows about the life of other women who live their lives with pride, unlike a Bedni; those who are someone's daughter, someone's sister, and someone's lawful wife... those who reside in the 'Homes' and lead a life which is well protected by a roof of relations over their heads, unlike a Bedni who is meant to be the amusement for all the men of the vicinity. Sugni wants the same roof of relations for herself. She aspires to become a bride, desires to become a daughter-in-law, she wants to be a 'one man' woman instead of someone who belongs to all the men. No other Bedni has ever dared to dream of her own wedding instead of performing at others' weddings. But that's what Sugni dreams of-'getting married!'This is not just a dream. Its Sugni's attempt to change the age old tradition, which the corrupt society will never let go off. The blossom of Sugni's youth has already become the talk of the town, she has become the new sensation and heart throb amongst the men. So many decent propositions for her 'Sardhakai' ( a ritual before she enters the trade), are already her way. And this is sufficient enough to encourage her mamas who find it difficult to manage the expenditure to the family with what their aging sister earns. They start making their own plans for a bright future but as Sugni's refusal to Rai and Sardhakai shifts the ground beneath them.In her journey sugni will not only encounter the evil face of the man who becomes her 'owner' but she will also experience the love with young Adityababu who inspite of belonging to the Thakur clan, showers her with respect and holds her dignity.Wikipedia

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Star As
 Gulki Joshi... Sugni Aditya Singh/Chulbuli
 Anuj Sachdeva... Thakur Aditya Singh
 Varun Badola... Thakur Vikram Singh
 Jaya Binju... Thakurain Riwa Vikram Singh
 Narayani Shastri... Gulabia
 Ravindra Mankani... Thakur Jwala Singh
 Nimai Bali... Hukum
 Garima Shrivastav... Sugni's Elder Mami
 Sikandar Kharbanda... Katari
 Anushree Bhatia... Sugni's Younger Mami
 Ankit Arora... Thakur Digvijay Jwala Singh
 Jyoti Gauba... Thakurain
 Mamta Luthra... Talo maa
 Krutika Desai... Maa Thakur
 Priyanka Panchal... Amrita

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