Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon (2012)


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Duration: Approx. 25 minutes

Genre: Drama , Romance

Release date: 28 May 2012


Director: Ravindra Gautam

Writers: Shivani Shah , Abhishek Kumar , Gautam Hegd

Box office:

Producer: Saurabh Tewari , Abhinav Shukla

Music Composer: Unknown

In the first episode Padmini is pregnant with a girl. But her husband wants a boy because a baba had come and said that, if a boy is born nothing will happen to Balraj, but if a girl is born then she will become the reason for Balraj's death.A girl is born to Padmini and she migrates to Mumbai, with the baby girl and Balraj's first daughter, 8-year-old Trishna. In Mumbai, Padmini finds refuge under the roof of Roma and Shamsher Malik, a junior artist and a stuntman respectively. The baby girl is named Madhubala.Years later, Madhubala falls in love with Mukund Dixit, whom the famous film star R.K. had hit with his car in an accident and ran away. Madhubala fights against R.K. and gets him locked up in jail for three nights. R.K., determined to take revenge from Madhu, spreads the rumors of his and Madhu's affair, which ultimately results in Mukund breaking his engagement with Madhu.Shamsher Malik challenges R.K. and R.K.'s guards beat Malik badly. Malik is in ICU and Madhu, really angry for R.K.'s behavior, goes at his film set and slaps him four times.R.K. then forces her to marry him, or else Madhu could never get the money she needs for Malik's operation. She marries him and he then tortures her after marriage. In the meantime Shamsher malik is released from the hospital. He comes to know madhu's pitiful state and decides to avenge all the wrongs done by RK. On the day of Ganpati bisharjan Malik shoots RK. As days pass by, Madhu and RK falls in love with each other and RK tells her that they will take seven pheras soon after Padmini and Malik's wedding.In a bizzare turn of incidents Balraj reappears on Padmini's wedding day and attempts to kill Madhu.The next day Madhu goes on an outdoor shooting. A crew member of the film sets his dirty eyes on Madhu. He flirts with her and misbehave with her but RK comes on time and beat the guy up.While fighting, RK hurt his hand and Madhu sees it but do not do anything.Then the shooting continues with RK and Madhu's scenes.Deepali tries to woo over RK but eventually he wasnt concetrating and fell. She calls Madhu in her tent for hairs but instead started reminding her the following night she was drunk . This saddened Madhu and she quits the set and decided to go back home but lost in thought she ended up going to a jungle where she found a child tied up,then a new character enters the show as the father of the child. He saves both of them and take them to their house. Meanwhile RK is worried about Madhu's missing.The kid whom Madhubala was trying to save from that unknown person comes out to be the kids' father. On the other hand, RK tries his level best to find Madhubala. He tells the cops to find Madhubala as soon as possible.Sultan drops Madhubala outside her house. She watches RK waiting for him there. RK and others who were worried the whole time for her ask her questions about her whereabouts the previous night. She answers everyone, but not RK.She says that there is nothing between them and a furious RK goes back home.When deepali asks about RK's whearabout RK in an angry mood goes in. Radha stops DEEPALI.RK thinks about the eyes he seen behind the glaas of the car which he saw droping madhu.An iritatef RK goes to sleep and has a nightmare and injures his hand with the bottle in his hand in sleep and wake up Deepali enters his room and sees him stressed tends to him and tries to console him by hugging him forcefully when he says "if he takes her how will i live" WITHOUT KNOWING IT WAS Deepali RK hugs deepali whch was witnessed by sikki.At ninght sikki blackmails Deepali that if she dont get him a role in the filim he will tell everything to Radha. Wikipedia

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Star As
 Drashti Dhami... Madhubala Rishabh Kundra
 Vivian Dsena... Rishabh Mohan Kundra a.k.a. R.K.
 Avinesh Rekhi... Sultan
 Raza Murad... Kulbhushan Bhatia
 Sikandar Kharbanda... Sikandar Kuku Bhatia
 Seema Mishra... Deepali Sikandar Bhatia
 Shama Deshpande... Radha Kulbhushan
 Pallavi Purohit... Padmini Balraj
 Bhupinder Singh... Shamsher Malik
 Arti Puri... Trishna Balraj
 Rakhi Tandon... Roma Malik
 Manish Naggdev... Mukund Dixit
 Indresh Malik... Bittoo
 Usha Nadkarni... Mrs. Dixit

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