Hum Aapke Hain In Laws (2013)


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Duration: Approx. 24 minutes

Genre: comedy

Release date: 14 January 2013


Director: Ashwni Dhir & Dharram Verma

Writers: Ashwni Dhir

Box office:

Producer: Garima Dhir, Jalaj Dhir, & Kamal Kalra

Music Composer: Kay Kay

Hum Aapke Hain In Laws is a Hindi language fictional comedy series which premiered on January 14, 2013 on satellite network, SAB TV.The series is produced by Garima Productions and stars Karan Grover and Pooja Pihal in the main leads.The story centers on a newly married couple who unfortunately buy their dream home next to their In-laws and experience daily tensions.Hum Aapke Hain In-Laws is a cheerful and light-hearted comedy on SAB TV that traces the journey of Gulshan Grover Sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes a lesson which you don’t want to learn. But life and your in-laws will teach you life’s lessons the most when you want to avoid them the most. And this show Hum Aap Ke Hai In-laws is all about the blessings and lessons, suggestions and tensions we get from our in-laws because whether you want it or not, you like it or not, they will rectify all your flaws because as they say. “HUM AAPKE HAIN IN-LAWS!” This is a story of Damini grover and Gulshan grover living in a semi posh row houses society but in this society their neighbors are not just neighbors, they are their in-laws. You can avoid your neighbors but can’t avoid your in laws and when your in-laws start driving your life then…!!Wikipedia

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Star As
 Karan Grover... Gulshan Roshanlal Grover
 Pooja Pihal... Damini Gulshan Grover
 Neev Ritesh Jain... Karan Grover
 Gopi Bhalla... Sher Singh
 Aashif Sheikh... Colonel U.R. Sethi
 Rohitash Gaud... Roshanlal Grover
 Anup Upadhyay... Fufaji
 Shreya More... Baby ji Roshanlal's Wife

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