Kasamh Se (2006)


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Duration: 24 minutes

Genre: Drama,Indian soap opera

Release date: 16 January 2006


Director: Anil V. Kumar, Javed Sayyed, Fahad Kashmiri,

Writers: Nim Sood,Sonali Kotnis, Bhavesh Mandalia

Box office:

Producer: Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor

Music Composer: Nihira Joshi

''Kasamh Se''may be the story of three different sisters. Bani may be the earliest, mature and responsible. Pia is the center child, modern and glamorous. Rano may be the newest, studious and intelligent. Following their father's death, the sisters head to Mumbai to reside with the family of rich organization tycoon, Jai Walia (Ram Kapoor). Bani falls in love with Jai's employee, Pushkar (Naman Shaw). But Pushkar and Pia love one another, therefore Bani sacrifices her passion for the sake of her sister. Jai falls in love with Pia too and proposes to her. She wants to marry him for his wealth.

However, instances before the wedding, Pia elopes with Pushkar. Jai's domineering brother Jigyasa doesn't want the Walia family to be humiliated, therefore, she forces Bani to get Pia's position as bride. Jai ends up marrying Bani, and though their connection gets down to a rugged begin, eventually, they become friends. Jigyasa's unmarried child, Anu, has a companion called Rohit and she's expecting his child. Rohit's dad has a issue: his son will marry Anu as long as Jigyasa's younger son Sahil marries Rohit's older brother Rashi. The Walia family welcomes that proposal, but Sahil and Rano come in love; the 2 elope. Sahil's older brother Ranbir then wants to marry Rashi. Bani and Jai finally drop in love and consummate their relationship. Bani is expecting Jai's child. Pia, who has damaged down with Pushkar, gets interested in Jai again. When Jai goes on a small business trip, Pia medications him; the 2 have a one-night-stand, leaving Jai shaken up. Bani is attacked by a stranger and drops her unborn child. When Jai returns, Bani confesses her love to him. Jai becomes delighted and reunites with her. Pia tries to tell Bani that Jai is having an extra-marital affair. On Bani's first wedding wedding, it's exposed that Pia is expecting Jai's child. Bani gets a call that still another person called Anupam Kapadia has come to the party. But he's lacking any invitation. When Bani inquires with the couple, the lady claims that their titles are Sagar and Vidya. Bani then begins to believe that the next couple which was presented to her by Jai, ought to be the real Anupam Kapadia. They also accomplish a dance quantity for the next time, at the conclusion of which Pia begins to argue with them. Mrs. Kapadia i.e Anita, allegates Anupam of having a relation with Pia. Pia tells him that she's holding his child. Anupam gets mad at her, for spoiling his living and shoots Pia in her stomach. Jai is shocked and holds Pia. Jai shows that Pia is holding his (Jai's) child and perhaps not Anupam's. Bani looks there and overhears them and switches into circumstances of shock. When she involves her feelings, she forgives Jai and Pia. Ranbir begins looking after Rashi, whom he'd originally disliked. But she leaves him because she has a critical illness. Pia ideas vengeance against Bani. Rano's husband Sahil gets killed. The nearest and dearest then get Rano, who has only given beginning to an infant boy, married to Ranbir. Bani chooses to investigate the death of Sahil. Pia gives beginning to an infant boy, whom she titles Veer. It is exposed so it was Pia who got Sahil killed. Pia structures Bani for the murder and blackmails Jai, stating he is able to choose between Bani finding 5 years in a mental asylum or living imprisonment. Jai knows that 5 years are better when compared to a living sentence. Helpless, he testifies in court that Bani is insane, ergo sending her to mental asylum. In the asylum, Bani provides twin infants, but Jai requires them away. Bani works far from the asylum and becomes stuck in a wildfire. Every one considers she's burned to death. Jai is shocked and falls into depression. In that frustrated state, he gets married to Pia. Bani is obviously stored by a handsome stranger called Aparajit Deb, who gives her shelter in his house.

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Star As
 Ram Kapoor... Jai Walia
 Prachi Desai and Gurdeep Kohli... Bani Jai Walia a.k.a. Durga a.k.a. Maithili a.k.a. Pronita
 Roshni Chopra...  Pia Shukla
 Arunima Sharma / Pallavi Subhash Chandran... Rano Bali
 Siddharth Singh... Ranbir Aditya Bali
 Prashant Ranyal... Sahil Aditya Bali
 Manoj Joshi... Nishikant Dixit
 Subhangi Gokhals... Mrs. Dixit
 Ashwini Kalsekar / Jaya Bhattacharya... Jigyasa Aditya Bali
 Jatin Sial... Aditya Bali
 Sudha Shivpuri... Dadi
 Naman Shaw... Pushkar Shukla
 Amita Chandekar... Sonali
 Kamal Sadanah... Mohan Khandelwal
 Seema Bhargava... Billo Masi
 Rakshanda Khan... Roshni Chopra
 Kushal Punjabi... Lawyer
 Eijaz Khan... Anupam Kapadia
 Karan Patel/Saurabh Raj Jain... |Rohit Chopra
 Swati Anand... Rashi Ranvir Bali
 Suvarna Jha... Karuna
 Pawan Shankar... Tarun Sablok
 Ronit Roy... Aparajit Deb
 Atharva Dhanorkar... Atharva Jai Walia I - Young
 Diya Sonecha... Krishna Jai Walia I - Young
 Karan Hukku... Daksh
 Pallavi Subhash... Meera Jai Walia
 Niteeka Lakti... Vidya Ranbir Bali
 Gautam Gulati... Varun Sahil Bali
 Vishal Singh... Rishi
 Mayank Gandhi... Veer Jai Walia
 Nigaar Z. Khan... Barnali

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