Ranbir Rano (2008)


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Duration: approx. 24 minutes

Genre: Drama,Indian soap opera

Release date: 22 September 2008


Director: Chander Behi


Box office:

Producer: Sheel Kumar

Music Composer:

The story is set in a small town in the Punjab, 'Dera-Bassi'. Ranbir and Rano live in Dera-Bassi, but Rano is from a conservative Punjabi family and hence has limited exposure with the outside world. Her father is the station master of Dera-bassi and it is one day, on her way to 'Dharamsala' that she meets the man who is to become a part of her life – Ranbir. What transpires after is what dreams are made of – sweet moments between the couple, feuding households, and love that outshines the toughest of all obstacles.

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Star As
 Vinay Rohrra... Ranbir/Vinay was the old Ranbir
 Ravi Dubey... Ranbir/Vinay was the old Ranbir
 Sakshi Talwar... Rano
 Achint Kaur... Preet Bahan-Jee/Ranbir's eldest sister
 Deep Dhillon... Ranbirs father
 Rajendra Gupta... Bau-Jee / Rano's Father
 Pankaj Berry... Rano's Fouh-jee chacha/uncle
 Kunika Lal... Kamla / Rano's Step mother
 Rohit Bhardwaj... Sukhi / Rano's step brother
 Mihika Verma... Tina / Ranbir's close friend
 Tarun Madan... Vicky

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